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Furore Road!! Women Enter, One Man(osphere) Leaves

When something I rather like gets compared to something that arouses my animus, it’ll grab my attention, if nowt else. Last Wednesday served as a perfect example of this, what with me coming eyeball-to-screen with the most outlandish of opinions … Continue reading

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Goff Limits! Pantheon of the Persecuted or the Patronised?

As if membership amongst the officially oppressed wasn’t crowded enough, Greater Manchester police saw fit to induct goths, metalheads, and others of “alternative” persuasion into the Pantheon of the Persecuted last week. Attacks against goths, punks, emo kids, metallers and … Continue reading

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MRDArous Aphorisms: A Compilation

Sometimes, concision can make a better incision. If “real men don’t buy girls”, does that make the sex trade a collective hallucination? “Innocence” is merely an adult’s romanticised view of childhood ignorance. Intelligence is no guarantee of decreased fallibility; in … Continue reading

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