Airlift the ICC into Zimbabwe and give ’em citizenship – see how long they last!

Doesn’t anyone see something wrong with the England cricketers going to play in Zimbabwe? Doesn’t the occurrence of the game in said nation generate revenue for that Stalinist cocksucker Mugabe and his li’l dictatorship?

The most outrageous thing is the fact that the team risked a fine if they didn’t comply with the cricket board! I mean…

We’ve seen documentary footage of his camps, heard the stories and first-hand testimonies of his rape ‘n’ pillage squads and his racist extradition of white farmers from their land – so can someone please tell me why the fuck are the International Cricket Council tossing this guy’s salad?

Some have called for the government to step in and slap a ban on this; I’d much rather see an international boycott of the ICC on the part of the players in the various teams. The ICC have, in effect, exposed themselves as morally bankrupt with their pandering and penalties; and, were I a cricketer, I’d be extremely fucking offended by this cabal of cunts imposing a fine on me for failing to entertain and put money in a dictator’s pocket.

Hats off to Steve Harmison, Andrew Flintoff and Marcus Trescothick for pulling out; shame the other team members didn’t show their middle fingers to the ICC (though Darren Gough refusing to sully his palm with Mugabe’s counts for something).

In our next episode, watch the ICC give head to Kim Jong II as cricket and Communism collide in North Korea – stay tuned….


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