Thus he descended from the mountain – and spoke!

My time is short – just time enough to write this to tell those who may be concerned that, due to my telecommunication capacity being…well incapacitated at my base of operations, my contact with this and other sites shall be sporadic for an unknown length of time.

Anyone wishing to reach me for whatever reason can leave messages/ drop e-mails and I shall get back to you in due course.

This has been a public, self-service announcement brought to you by el MRDA – thankyee for your time and have a nice day. Ja ne!


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2 Responses to Thus he descended from the mountain – and spoke!

  1. toyin says:

    Totally Understandable. I’m in the same situation as well.
    Take care.
    PS: I fucking love your writing style!
    Your narratives alays make me smile. Brilliant stuff as always.

  2. withonen says:

    I miss talking to ya, and I myself have been off this thing for a while, but soon winter will come around again, and you’ll find me on 24h a day. haha.
    I don’t know how it’s goin’ on in lobster central but here it’s burning hot and the heat is paralyzing.
    I hope we keep in touch and things are going well for you, now I wish that could sound a little less sappy but I mean it.
    Talk soon!

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