Sensuality often hurries the growth of love too much, so that its roots remain weak and easy to pull out.
– Friedrich Nietzsche

In light of this whole attraction and engagement between these two Hollywood hopefuls, one has to wonder if there’s something in the waters of Tinseltown that makes big American movie stars charge into marriage, like bulls to the matador.

He met her like how (not-so) long ago? What the fuck be that about?

Many claim this to be nowt more than an elaborate publicity stunt. I myself prefer to reserve judgement as far as that’s concerned – except to say, what a way to gain publicity, if such be the motivation! Isn’t the generic ritual of dating adequate in itself for such purposes?

If sincerity be at the heart of all this, why-oh-why the rush to reach the aisle? I’m now convinced that the concept of speed dating is a parody of the pace of celebrity relationships in Hollywood. Now I may well be inexperienced when it comes to this area of human life, but for fuck’s sake, isn’t dating – at least the “steady” variant – meant to be an extended period over which you get to know – and I mean thoroughly know – your prospective partner? Why check into the Honeymoon Hotel with someone whom you’ve barely started to know (make of that what you will). I mean sweet-nothings may well be reassuring and heart-warming; kisses may well be fragrant and uplifting; and the fucking may well be fantastic – but are such sensualities alone really adequate tools to build a sturdy ‘n’ comfy marital bed?

J-Lo & Puff Daddy. Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston. Bruce & Demi. ELIZABETH MOTHERFUCKING TAYLOR!!!

The wreckage by the roadside of the registry office paints a pathetic picture…

Of course I could well ask what’s so damned special about marriage to make it such a yearned for commodity – one has long questioned the need to achieve the sanction of God and Government to justify one’s love…..

…..but such is a post for another day, my friends….


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  1. biscayne says:

    Celebrities do it all the time. Why, I have no idea. I thought they didn’t like negative publicity but some of them just have to have something other than their roles in movies to be remembered by, I guess.

  2. bastardzero says:

    The Instant Marriage type celebrities are simple people who became famous because they’re just attractive enough that people can dress them up to look like various more attractive fictional characters. If we get good actors in mainstream movies, it’s by accident. Johnny Depp wasn’t sought after for Pirates Of The Carribean for his talent, and in fact, they tried to fire him when they found out he was more than an empty, pretty head on top of a fit body. Simple, pretty, stupid people rush into sensuality. They get more and better opportunities to do so and the big brain isn’t strong enough to squash the little one (Not literally (OW (And UGH! Smashing it with your brain?))). This isn’t true of ALL or even MOST attractive people, brains and beauty tend to go hand in hand in real life. It’s just that you can’t probably become a big name actor unless you’re little more than a pretty brainless puppet. I mean, Tom Cruise is a scientologist, a religion who not fifty years ago had their hands in murder, terrorism and con artistry (Which is why they have so many rich (And stupid/gullible) members).
    What I wanna know is why Harrison Ford is sticking his weiner in Ally McBeal. I can’t stand to think of that wretched thing hanging off of Indiana Jones’ dong (And flowing in the breeze like a blade of grass).

    • MRDA says:

      “Tom Cruise is a scientologist, a religion who not fifty years ago had their hands in murder, terrorism and con artistry (Which is why they have so many rich (And stupid/gullible) members).”
      Viva the cancer of organized religions! It seems so out of congruence for Cruise to be into that shit for some reason – just the overall impression I get of him. In any case, what the fuck is Katie Holmes smoking, converting to that travesty of travesties? I feel a new rant a-brewing…

  3. People are insane. But those hormones can make you do some crazy shit that you ordinarily would never do. I don’t know what is up with Tom Cruise, but you have to remember that Holmes is a lot younger. Maybe it is a mid life crisis sorta deal.

    • MRDA says:

      It seems that he’s trying desperately to erase the memory of Nicole by diving from one lady into another, if you pardon the expression. If they can stay together, all well and good; but whirlwinds usually blow through kingdoms, leaving acres of desolation in their wake – look at what happened with poor Penelope!
      Just the way I view things…

  4. chiller says:

    I’d marry quickly – KABOOM! – if I met someone who was right for me. No problemo.
    what’s so damned special about marriage to make it such a yearned for commodity
    Been married? 😉

    • MRDA says:

      But how would you know if someone was right for you in such a short period of time? The short time spent courting may well be the trial period where everything works flawlessly, with the cracks in the knight’s shining armour making themselves visible following the marital union. Would you want to fall headfirst into such a scenario?
      Been married?
      The essence of marriage is not in legality, as I suspect you already know! 😉
      I just think in a sturdy, loving and vibrant relationship, marriage is something of a redundancy.
      In a fledgling set up (ala Tom & Katie) it seems like something approaching flash or desperation – a case of easy come, easy go perhaps?

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