An Interesting Dalai Lama Quote…

“The moment you think just of yourself and disregard
others, then because of your own attitude, you also get the feeling
that other people also have a similar attitude towards you. That brings
suspicion, fear. Result? You yourself lose inner calmness. Therefore,
usually I say that selfishness is basically right-as I mentioned
earlier, self, and the happiness of that self, is very right. It’s our
original right. Also, we have every right to overcome suffering. So
that’s right. Judging from that, of course that kind of selfishness is
right. But selfishness that leads to no hesitation to harm another, to
exploit another, that kind of selfishness is blind selfishness.
Therefore, I sometimes jokingly describe: if we are selfish, we should
be “wise” selfish rather than “foolish” selfish. I feel that the moment
you take a sense of caring for others, that brings inner strength.
Inner strength brings us inner tranquillity, more self-confidence. So,
through these things, even though your surroundings may not be friendly
or may not be positive, still you can sustain your peace of mind. That
much, according to my own little experience, I can tell you.”

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5 Responses to An Interesting Dalai Lama Quote…

  1. phyrbyrd says:

    It’s selfish to leave someone to cry just because you don’t know them and don’t want to get involved.

  2. staxxy says:

    I am, and have always been, extremely fond of the Dalai Lama. He is wise and funny. 🙂

  3. bastardzero says:

    This is how to talk to randroids who know the words but never stop to wonder what they mean.

  4. papertygre says:

    Where is this from?

    • MRDA says:

      In all honesty I saw it just as I posted it; a quote attributed to the Dalai Lama with no source linked to it. It certainly awakens my interest to find out more….

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