“Goddamn motherfuckers – are you out of your mind!?”

I must extend my middle finger to the security team of the London Astoria, who take the crown for being the biggest cabal of cunts I’ve come across in quite a while.

Fuck you very much for a wasted Saturday evening!

It seems standing in a lobby, out of the way of oncoming fellow punters at the Avenged Sevenfold gig, enquiring on the phone as to the whereabouts of my fellow gig-going friend constitutes a security threat.

It seems trying to ignore the burly fucker shouting in my ear whilst I talk on the phone constitutes a major disturbance requiring four security guards to swarm on me and eject me by force – Al Qaeda don’t get as warm a reception as that!

And to add injury to fucking insult they see fit to bar me from seeing the show I fucking paid for after I’d gone outside, met my friend and joined the queue.

And they accuse me of having a fucking “rude boy attitude” when I didn’t even do so much as swear at them; now, if I told them to fuck off when they interrupted me on the phone that would constitute a “rude boy attitude”; apparently, detaching myself from growling dickheads who see fit to shout my fucking ear off in the middle of a phone convo equates to the height of thuggishness – not at all like manhandling a non-violent concert-goer,huh? Double standardize much, you walking bags of human excrement?

Judging by the tears and protestations of a later ejectee, it seems having a “rude boy attitude” goes with the job – I mean, if twisting someone’s arm, forcing them into the toilet and slamming them face down on the ground doesn’t equate to thuggery…..

I know I can’t just let this bullshit slide – refund, or some form of redress, needs to make its way to me.

You know, I never really liked security guards due to their tendency to eyeball-fuck me whenever I walk into their vicinity, but this just takes antipathy to the next level….


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5 Responses to “Goddamn motherfuckers – are you out of your mind!?”

  1. Damn. That fucking sucks. Take em to the cleaners if you can.

  2. What complete dickheads. *shakes head* They should be busy keeping an eye out for people who are, you know, actually doing something wrong.

  3. bastardzero says:

    Holy shit! Yet another post of yours to link to whenever some hippie tells me American “peacekeepers” are the only abusive ones.
    If you could get someone fired over this, we’d all be proud of you.
    Heh, Rude Boy Attitude. That sounds really cool to American ears.

  4. withonen says:

    this reminds me of a time i got kicked out of an underground punk concert in chicago. got kicked out for under age drinking; no refunds, and not by a security guard but by some so called ‘punk’ hooray for anarchy!

  5. kasku says:

    Wankers. I wonder if you’d been an 18-year-old leggy blonde they would have treated you in the same way?

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