"I Was Raped…. I Lied….." : MRDA Contra the British "Justice" System (# 566,979,000)


Maan, today’s Wright Stuff panellists really know how to lopside issues…..

So they think that women who fabricate rapes deserve anonymity (unlike the unlucky fuckers who “rape” them)?

In contrast to those mangled minds, I see the issue clearly.

Women who “cry rape” deserve to have their names exposed and dragged through the papers in a manner akin to a grimy politico or – holy shit – a rapist!

Why do women rightly get protection-via-exposure from any opportunistic predator roaming the streets, whilst blokes have to take their chances, hoping that the women they take home with a smile on their face tonight won’t be sobbing crocodile tears onto a police reception desk the morning after?

In the case of Aftab Ahmed, sex didn’t even enter the equation!

Furthermore – four months!? Well, I know now, if I want comedy, to keep my eye on Parliament rather than Paramount!

The judge went easy on her due to her “vulnerability”? Ha! “Vulnerable” better applies to a genuine rape survivor who finds herself cast in a shady light – all thanks to her opportunist, gynotrash sister-in-arms!

I’d stop scoffing so much if the so-called justice system came down on those silly slags at least as hard as they (theoretically) would on a rapist. The way I see it rapist and pseudo-victim each share a side of the same coin; the latter may as well hold the real victim down, whilst the former has their way with them. Again and again.

Let’s hope the stupid cunt, whatever her name, doesn’t really get raped – though I’d love to see her scrambling for justice after that, in light of her previous form…..


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