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Re: American Happy-Slapping “Flash Mobs”…

I read stories like this, and wonder: Why hasn’t anyone “flashed” these cunts with Glock rounds yet? At least UK peeps have some excuse for not taking out happy slappers! ~MRDA~

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Chris Hyatt: The Interview!

A rather expansive little interview with the late Christopher Hyatt, author of Undoing Yourself With Energized Meditation, To Lie Is Human and The Psychopath’s Bible; all of which, at the very least, come off as jaggedly interesting reading, if you’re … Continue reading

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On Apologists for Bullying

Reading reviews for the film If…. on Amazon.com – many of which speak of the boarding school bullying that takes place in the film – reminded me of the oft uttered phrase by some parents and educational authority figures “bullying … Continue reading

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"I Was Raped…. I Lied….." : MRDA Contra the British "Justice" System (# 566,979,000)

Maan, today’s Wright Stuff panellists really know how to lopside issues….. So they think that women who fabricate rapes deserve anonymity (unlike the unlucky fuckers who “rape” them)? In contrast to those mangled minds, I see the issue clearly. Women … Continue reading

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