More 80s Pimpage

For those of you who like 80s cartoons, check cereal:geek out. A sweet little magazine with assorted articles of interest, lush illustrations – and no fucking adverts chewing into the hundred page count! What more could one desire (beyond UK boxset releases of Defenders of the Earth, Centurions, New Adventures of He-man…..)?

Also, you thought you knew the bloke off The Office?

Let’s time-jump back some 25 years…….

From Brent to….bishonen (or should that be the other way round?)! Turns out Mr Gervais provided the vocals for a New Romantic band back in the day – quite a range and quite a feat! Check out his musical output and find out what got Seona Dancing….


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  1. rawr_becca says:

    aw, how sad!
    I guess that’s what happens when you get old.
    BUT. by the time I get old, there’ll be all kinds of stuff to make me look like I’m 30 again. 😛

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