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MRDA’s Crowning Music of Animé #3: ‘https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKL_pnvARkU’ by ANDY (from Mospeada)

Cos every bloke is a Lonely Soldier Boy, ‘In Search of Lost Legends’… Shame that the soundtrack constitutes the highlight of the whole series; in fact, as far as storytelling goes, I’d even venture to say Robotech improved matters! Actually, … Continue reading

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More 80s Pimpage

For those of you who like 80s cartoons, check cereal:geek out. A sweet little magazine with assorted articles of interest, lush illustrations – and no fucking adverts chewing into the hundred page count! What more could one desire (beyond UK … Continue reading

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For any EastEnders viewers on my list : A Simple Equation

+ = As Dragon Ball Z‘s King Kai would say: “Oh yeah – it’s fusion!” That explains why those two have been off the public radar for quite some time, I guess. Old eighties synthpop artists don’t die – they … Continue reading

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