For any EastEnders viewers on my list : A Simple Equation

Jimmy Somerville – concert in Warsaw, 2006-06-10 +Andy Bell of Erasure in 1986 =

As Dragon Ball Z‘s King Kai would say: “Oh yeah – it’s fusion!”

That explains why those two have been off the public radar for quite some time, I guess. Old eighties synthpop artists don’t die – they just get careers in soap!

I chortle at the irony of two adamantly gay musical talents fusing to form a serial womaniser who, judging by last night’s episode, probably shouldn’t take his musical aspirations beyond his living room. Nevertheless, he did a priceless emulation of the Somerville falsetto whilst mangling Heaven 17‘s ‘Temptation’ – another eighties synth classic.

Perhaps he should’ve serenaded Tanya with ‘Don’t Leave Me this Way’; then again, assailed by his rendition, she’d probably act contrary to his wish – its always best to for the wife to walk when faced with spousal abuse, after all!

So there you have it! Max Branning – an amalgamation of two seasoned musicians throwing in the towel and electing to sail on a Ship of Fools.

Why is life so precious and so cruel?


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