Victims Sanctioning Victimization!! Rape is More Than Physical…..


The past few weeks have really seen an interesting volte-face in the story of Slave Britannia…..

It seemed like the same old pungent slide of diarrhoea from the trouser leg of Parliament as the bulk of the politicos in power okayed the 42-day detention of “terror suspects” …….

But then, in a somewhat surprising, and pretty inspiring move, one Tory MP decides to contest this by going maverick, breaking away from the House of Cocksuckers Commons and standing as a candidate in the East Yorkshire by-elections.

Now David Davis is far from perfect as a figurehead of civil liberties, fighting the bill in terms of degree rather than as a decree. Nevertheless, by even doing that (which I admit is insufficient) he has distinguished himself from the consummate sludge of his profession. Is it a principled stand or just mere political opportunism? He approved 28 days detention and, prior to his volte-face, thought the ID cards rated as a good idea.

However he seems to express consistency in one respect – his staunch opposition to a national DNA database.

It would seem that despite his flaws, backing Mr Davis’ current campaign could prove expedient for those who value their civil liberties.

Nevertheless, this unlikely maverick faces some vehement opposition in this by-election from an interesting candidate – one Jill Saward. A one-time rape victim, Jill stands as firmly in favour of the DNA database as Davis does against it, reasoning that an all-inclusive cattle-branding will in the long run keep us all safe from scumbags in ski masks.


Going by her TV appearances and her Guardian column, she certainly seems sincere in her rhetoric – which makes her all the more scary with the views she espouses. That said, I can’t help thinking about all the sanctimonious Mothers Against groups who try so adamantly to shoehorn in all kinds of social restrictions under their “think of the children” shtick. There’s absolutely no way you can oppose them – oh no! Doing so must mean you want, kids to be abducted, raped, and butchered by psychotics. Oh, the anti-humanity!

Cue the canonization process.

I fear that it’ll be the same old phenomena in regard to Miss Saward. I think most people will sympathise with her, in regard to her past ordeal; and I also think most peeps don’t want to be at the mercy of the sexually sadistic. Furthermore, victimhood equals vindication from the perspective of the Trisha-tastic, Big Brother-brainwashed electorate who bring glory to democracy. Never mind how Orwellian her “if you got nothing to hide, you’ve nothing to fear” rhetoric sounds; never mind that she’s giving carte blanche to political rapists to do as they wish to the citizenry; physical rape is the only evil in this world, right?

I sincerely hope that Thursday proves me wrong in regard to the subjugated of our Slave state, that Davis breakaway actions serve as a catalyst to thought in their mildewed minds…

…but I won’t hold my fucking breath!


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