Silly Cunts Love Witch-Hunts

New week, new computer, new post!

Yup – I finally upgraded and replaced my five year plus desktop with a spiffier model. With three times the memory and almost five times the storage, I figure this new Devil Machine will last me a considerable while.

The work situation continues to go well, though I seriously need to resume my search for greener pastures.

And now for a news report…..

Seems like the Stateside debacle over gays in the church has well and truly landed on Airstrip One; we’ve got gay priests getting married, gay priests getting heckled and non-gay priests refusing to conduct gay marriages and getting heckled.

It’s the last of these incidents I wish to look into….

Now, despite my thinking that gays pining for church acceptance equates to Jews pining for Einsatzgruppen membership, I support gay marriage for no other reason than it erodes the hold of dying dogmas over the lives of living, breathing persons. If the Christendom – with its uber-conservative normative views on human values and relations – is overall undermined by accommodating dissent, so much the better.

All that said, the virtual witch-hunt against Lillian Adele comes off no better than the dogma her creed preaches; then again, seeing as much of the persecution she experienced came from the mouths of her fellow religionists, it really isn’t a big fucking surprise!

The way I see it, the media circus over this would do well to die a death; if homosexuals want church acceptance so bad, let them go to those congregations that welcome them to the flock; meanwhile, the more hardcore Christians like Miss Adele can fortify their walls to keep out the perceived deviants who represent a danger to their precious faith and convictions; this way neither has to suffer the other and the free play of ideas can find flesh.

But again, that solution requires more clear-headedness than the vocal from either side of this equation can currently muster.

Meanwhile in the sports world, one Dwain Chambers has found himself banned from participating in the Olympics.

The reason? His past use of performance enhancing drugs.

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but hasn’t his guy long served out his two-year sentence in regard to that little fuck-up?

Not so, according to the moralists in the sport world who slobber with satisfaction over his Olympic ostracism being upheld.

I understand that a lifetime Olympic ban stands as part of the penalty for being caught drugging it up on the racetrack – or for not turning up for the tests….

….so can someone explain Christine Ohuruogu’s ban overturn to me? Both she and Dwain currently run drug-free and both got banned for drug test-related offences; yet one gets to go to Beijing and is lauded,whilst the other gets to stay at home to be lambasted.

I would have thought a two-year ban, plus having to pay back his drug-related earnings, would suffice but nay; could it be that he isn’t actually being punished for his offence but rather for
not making enough of a show of himself to atone for said offence?

As Tim Black says in his overview "a lack of contrition is deemed worse than the sin itself" and I tend to agree with this, especially in matters not pertaining to athletics.

Is it not possible to acknowledge one has failed oneself and work towards better conduct in future, without having to self-flagellate oneself for a vocal-yet-unaffected bunch of moralistic media mullahs?

I know I don’t lose sleep or heart over Dwain’s dalliance with drugs – why the fuck does everyone else?


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