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Re: American Happy-Slapping “Flash Mobs”…

I read stories like this, and wonder: Why hasn’t anyone “flashed” these cunts with Glock rounds yet? At least UK peeps have some excuse for not taking out happy slappers! ~MRDA~

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The Myth of Sanctity: The Reality of Sanctimony

Reading a number of interviews with Jim Goad got me thinking about something… I often see women rally together for the express purpose of stamping out domestic violence against themselves – solidarity in sisterhood, and all that… But I also … Continue reading

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Fuck the U.N!

No, really! A United Nations forum on Thursday passed a resolution condemning “defamation of religion” as a human rights violation, despite wide concerns that it could be used to justify curbs on free speech in Muslim countries. The U.N. Human … Continue reading

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Pope Benedict Doesn’t Care About Black People!

Either that, or he cares for them a little too much – he obviously wants to give them a head-start to the pearly gates! Reading about the Pope’s mission of mercy, hot on the heels of this show of Brazilian … Continue reading

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Re: Innocent:The Colin Stagg Story Once again, instead of doing actual detective work, the authorities zoned in on the stereotypical target – a loner with”unusual interests” in the occult. Fucking idiots! It also disgusts me that they used their little … Continue reading

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Victims Sanctioning Victimization!! Rape is More Than Physical…..

The past few weeks have really seen an interesting volte-face in the story of Slave Britannia….. It seemed like the same old pungent slide of diarrhoea from the trouser leg of Parliament as the bulk of the politicos in power … Continue reading

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Taking Liberties

Upon hearing about newly-elected London Mayor Boris Johnson’s plan to outlaw alcohol consumption on public transport, I couldn’t help but think that the capital’s shift in Sultan rated as a clear-cut case of “Meet the new boss -same as the … Continue reading

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With a Scalpel to the State…. MRDA Resurfaces!!

There’s just too much cocksucking going on….. ….and the House of Commons, as per usual, stand amongst the main culprits, climbing up on their fucking high horses (or should that be high chairs) to bawl and brawl over plans in … Continue reading

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Thoughts whilst watching Robotech for the first time in aeons…..

MRDA says: I swear if I were an alien invader in Robotech and I heard Minmei singing ‘To Be In Love’ MRDA says: Robotech would only be an episode long MRDA says: if that MRDA says: ghaaah! Meli says: lmao … Continue reading

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