MRDA’s Definition of Success

My Success

External Goals
Popular Fame
World well-being
Political Influence
Internal Goals
Partner and Family
Financial Success
Creation / Fulfillment
You do not require much external approval and do not mind if others see you as successful or not.You wouldn’t mind being famous and somewhat enjoy the attention of others. You are not generally very attention seeking. You are not interested in making the world a better place and would rather focus on other goals. You don’t really like positions of authority and will avoid them as much as possible.

Love and good relationships are very important factors for you. What is life without love? You cherish the relationships of those around you and have a lot of love to give. You are not really interested in socialising and do not really have an overly strong social group. You dislike it if friends who are not overly close take up too much of your time. It is important to you that you acheive a moderate level of financial success in live and you do not wish to be poor. But as long as you have enough money to get by then you are not motivated to acheive great riches. You absolutely love your work and throw yourself into it with a passion. You are most likely to be a very creative person and you really enjoy the process of making something (whether it be physical or artistic).

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