This has to be the worst song ever recorded. In the history of Man:

Mind you, there is that Ja Rule & Metallica collaboration…


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4 Responses to Craptacular!

  1. newedition says:

    “No way!” Haha, that’s horrid.

  2. I was going to say “I have you beat!” but no, your song is worse than mine:

    • MRDA says:

      That vid is so fucking bad it inverts to awesome!
      Pour dem 40s, motherfuckaz!
      And why’s that bitch in the denim so fucking happy!

  3. ubermensch says:

    i’m still analyzing the depths of why this song is so awful, and I still havent been able to explain its nadir yet.
    its like the beethoven of bullshit, its so preternaturally sub-mediocre beyond sub-mediocre.

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