MRDA’s Crowning Music of Animé #3: ‘’ by ANDY (from Mospeada)

Cos every bloke is a Lonely Soldier Boy, ‘In Search of Lost Legends’…

Shame that the soundtrack constitutes the highlight of the whole series; in fact, as far as storytelling goes, I’d even venture to say Robotech improved matters!

Actually, whilst we’re on the subject


At least that’s what Michael Bradley told me:

For enduring the aural atrocities of Reba West, that, there, proves a worthwhile reward!


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4 Responses to MRDA’s Crowning Music of Animé #3: ‘’ by ANDY (from Mospeada)

  1. konami says:

    Thanks for these. Here’s some gems for ya–

  2. harlockhero says:

    Mospeada does have a few things going for it besides the OP. There’s that one clip episode where a character gets desert madness and re-imagines the story up to that point as a medieval swords and sorcery narrative!

    • MRDA says:

      Sorry, Harlock, that was actually one of the worst episodes!
      What was all that nonsense between Ray and Aisha about? It’s just plonked into the story and then never mentioned again. Wasn’t she all about Stig?
      That show had some seriously sloppy characterisation!

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