Halal & Hypocrisy VIII: He Who Fights Muslims…


With the latest stories of sex and slaughter involving those adhered to Allah, it comes as no surprise to see Muslims receiving something of a scourging from some sectors of the wider British public. Recent reactions to the slaying of army vet Lee Rigby especially stood out  in vehemence, with calls for all those spiritually resident in Dar al-Islam to be deported to lands of similar leasehold; after all, such ideological (and often ethnic) aliens pose something of a threat to the traditional British “way of life” — or so the script goes.

I encountered another standout example of this tendency via the Facebook page of the The Daily Mail, who linked the following story from their main site:

The family of a former Taliban fighter convicted of attempting to recruit two undercover police officers for jihad in Afghanistan face losing their £200,000 home under anti-terrorism laws.

Munir Farooqi, 56, was given four life sentences in September 2011 for running a ‘recruitment centre’ for home-grown extremists to go to Afghanistan to kill British troops.

His family have now spoken of how it is ‘sickening’ that they face being made homeless if Farooqi loses his High Court appeal next month against his conviction.


The Crown Prosecution Service’s Proceeds of Crime Unit served the family with a notice at the end of Farooqi’s trial for soliciting to murder and disseminating terrorist literature.


Munir Farooqi’s son Harris, 29, a market trader who was cleared of terror charges at the 2011 trial, said eight people lived at the home, owned by his sister and mother.

He told The Independent: ‘How can they demonise a whole family? It is sickening.

‘You have to be insane deliberately to make a family go through such torture and to claim they are all terrorists.’

Mail Online, 12 June 2013

In response to the question: “Should the families of terrorists lose their homes?”, the commenters generally did their best to live up to the stereotype of the ultra-reactionary Daily Mail reader, typing out such sage scribings as these:

yes, and ban the burka if I went into a bank or a shop like that I,d get locked up, if they wanna dress like that don’t live here

send the terrorists whole family and friends to wherever they originate from, this will teach the terrorists a lesson, sometimes you have to be nasty to be nice

They should lose their British citizenship and then sent back to their country of origin where I’m sure they would feel more welcome and at home.

Yes get them out plenty of british families out there that need a home send them back from wherever they are from

no all pakis should be kicked out our country never mind there homes

Definitely and be deported immediately. Why it’s taking so long and why anyone thinks they have rights baffles me, I’d probably look deep into anyone defending them too.

To all you that dont think they should go home your rong they all should people saying they should live in our contry ect and get bigger houses and sticking up for murders remeber what happend to OUR soilder lee rigby . If it wasnt for out troops we wouldnt be hear liveing the way we do now.

Absolutely” It should be one step further than that, they should be deported straight away! x we would if in their country! x

Scum, deport the lot and keep what they left here, including their houses and any money in their banks!!

Benefits for up to four wives? I paid in all my life to be told the money has all gone on these animals.

Their homes, their benefits, their passports, their right of residence – and an ear so that they can be recognised if they try re-entry!

Yes kick em out I know people that are British and work hard here all their lives and they don’t have a £200,000 house Yes they should all be sent back to where they came from whether they are a nice family or not the way things are going in this county people are not feeling safe,I’m not racist in any way shape or form but when I got on the bus the other day there was 2 men on there speaking in there own language and looking shifty sat right at the back & I was scared that scared I got off at the bus stop b4 where I should of,this is my country & shouldn’t be mad to feel like this,god only knows what go through our children’s minds

I have never seen a debate when so many are united. Government please listen and rid our country of these people now. I am not racist but they must learn to conform to our laws and keep themselves. One wife only as well

Going by the illuminating input of those readers, one could be forgiven for thinking that the traditional British “way of life” consisted of collective blame and punishment for individual crimes, disregard for property ownership, intolerance of dissent, and racial hatred; not to mention timorous xenophobia, ressentiment, sartorial strictness, poor command of the island lingo, and appalling reading comprehension.

Any of those traits remind you of a certain religion’s more rabid fanboys?

Well, here’s another calm and temperate reaction to strengthen the analogy, this time against Anglo-Islamic convert Jamaal Uddin.


This ginger twat was on LBC 97.3 this morning spouting off that he supported his muslim “brothers” in the murder of Lee Rigby. He also said that Drummer Lee Rigby deserved to die because he had butchered muslims in Afghanistan. Couldn’t believe my ears.

The fuzzy faced bastard’s english name is Jordan, his muslim name is jamaal Uddin and he needs a good kicking. Anyone living near the Walthamstow area might see him around.

Decrying brutality whilst endorsing the same?


Endorsing violence against those who voice sacrilegious sentiments?


Nope. Sorry. Still not ringing a bell.

That said, where kafir bigots don’t exist, one can find those more than eager to invent ‘em:

An IT contractor was accused of racism and refused a £1,000-a-week NHS job after innocently offering to buy an Asian recruitment consultant a bacon sandwich.

Clive Hunt, 58, had already been given the eight-month contract – worth £32,000 – and was invited to recruitment firm Reed’s office in Manchester to show his passport and provide bank details.

At the end of the 15-minute meeting earlier this month, recruitment consultant Sharika Sacranie, 29, shook Mr Hunt’s hand and said she would come and meet him for breakfast the following week, to which he replied: ‘I’ll get the bacon sandwiches in.’

Miss Sacranie – who is believed to be a Muslim – rang Mr Hunt half an hour later to confirm a few more details, making no mention of the incident.

However, just ten minutes later Mr Hunt received another call from a senior manager at Reed accusing him of making a racist comment and saying the job offer had been withdrawn.

Mail Online, 15th June 2013

Conflating ignorance with malice and belief with biology?

Clearly, the sandwich wasn’t the only thing swinish about this story!

Despite the palatal pleasure such a delicacy brings me, I can’t fault Miss Sacraine for not wanting to feast on her own.


With both abdullahs and Anglo-Saxonists self-harnessed to their respective herds, it came as a something of a pleasant surprise to read about members of each group taking a tea break from their turgid thronging:

A York mosque dealt with a potentially volatile situation after reports that it was going to be the focus of a demonstration organised by a far-right street protest movement – by inviting those taking part in the protest in for tea and biscuits.

Around half a dozen people arrived for the protest, promoted online by supporters of the EDL. A St George’s flag was nailed to the wooden fence in front of the mosque.

However, after members of the group accepted an invitation into the mosque, tensions were rapidly defused over tea and plates of custard creams, followed by an impromptu game of football.

The Guardian Online, 27th May 2013 

Still, that’s the exception underlining the rule when it comes to the politics of identity. In this case, I foresee the two factions continuing to antagonize each other, kinda like Travis Bickle does with his own reflection in Taxi Driver but with far less in the way of mirror-awareness.


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  1. There were 50,000 recruiting pamphlets and 5,000 DVD’s in this home. The family who lived there was clearly complicit.

  2. Vanderbilt says:

    It’s the politics of identity, which itself is a manifestation of the herd instinct and the haywire fallacies of the typical human mind. This is a reason I have serious doubts about ‘pan-secessionism’: most people are only politically motivated at all by dogmatic, virulent ideologies. If they lack these ideological commitments, they will not pursue social activism; if they do possess them, they will only do so for the worse cause. Populism and cooperation among people like this is simply not realistic within the tribal-social arrangement; and the only society that can tolerate it – panarchistic societies – are effectively foreclosed by their innate delusions.

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