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Once Again, Fuck the U.N.!

Amidst all the usual bombings, bigotries, and bureaucracies that characterise modern life, it’s nice to have the odd thing to smile, if not outright belly laugh, about. Hulk Hogan’s financial ravishing of the sex-tape-leaking hacks at Gawker springs to mind, … Continue reading

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Ore no Nakama—Survive and Advance!

If I see the loved one suffer, I suffer with him, and I know no rest until I have tried everything to comfort and cheer him; if I see him glad, I too become glad over his joy. From this … Continue reading

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Fist of the North Star Gaiden: “You Are Already Fed!”

Post-apocalyptic Masterchef doesn’t go down as planned… Check out Loyd Grossman here… Enter Kenshiro… No need to be gentle, Kenshiro—it’s his last time! Pulsing…throbbing…and then an explosion: looks like that cock proved too much for his throat to handle. Greedy … Continue reading

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Excerpt from MRDA’s Personal Files #1 : Emotion vs Emo!?!

As I see it, one of the most distasteful things about the emo movement contributes to making genuine expressions of emotion (evermore) a taboo. A pet peeve of mine is reading someone’s candid feelings/ grievances being (de)augmented with an apology … Continue reading

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