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Ore no Nakama—Survive and Advance!

If I see the loved one suffer, I suffer with him, and I know no rest until I have tried everything to comfort and cheer him; if I see him glad, I too become glad over his joy. From this … Continue reading

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Fist of the North Star Gaiden: “You Are Already Fed!”

Post-apocalyptic Masterchef doesn’t go down as planned… Check out Loyd Grossman here… Enter Kenshiro… No need to be gentle, Kenshiro—it’s his last time! Pulsing…throbbing…and then an explosion: looks like that cock proved too much for his throat to handle. Greedy … Continue reading

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Excerpt from MRDA’s Personal Files #1 : Emotion vs Emo!?!

As I see it, one of the most distasteful things about the emo movement contributes to making genuine expressions of emotion (evermore) a taboo. A pet peeve of mine is reading someone’s candid feelings/ grievances being (de)augmented with an apology … Continue reading

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