Digital Connectivity

Y’know…even with everything as it is, I still feel a window for hope exists in my life. I dunno – chatting to people on this LJ thing has convinced me that there might actually be a few other members of the human race actually worth the time and effort. This site’s everything that that waste of space Faceparty isn’t..(though I can’t knock FP too much as I did meet one worthwhile person on it ;)) In any case, talking to people who actually have summat in common with me helps keep me from becoming TOO misanthropic…heheh.

Ok – rant time……

One thing which irks me about people’s perceptions of the Net is the fact that they are so quick to delineate it from what they term “real life”. the way I see it, the Net is another facet of the “real life” experience; sure, you don’t get the full spectrum of communication that only a face-to-face encounter can offer, but it doesn’t make the communication you have any less “real”. Yes, people deceive and are deceived online BUT are you not subjecting yourself to the same BS when dealing with people face-to-face? Trust and honesty are issues in ALL interactions, ladies and gentlemen. No need to pretend that offline/face-to-face encounters are always sweetness and light. The best and worst thing about life is that most things are 50/50 – half-chances. Sometimes you have to feel the fear and run with it nonetheless. You may get burnt…then again you might come up victorious. It all depends on how you go about things I guess….the nature of the risk. Is it considered or careless? Damage limitation in the face of disappointment favours the former . In any case, I guess what I’m trying to say (to myself as well as any who read this) is – if summat looks worthwhile – approach with caution, but, for fuck’s sake, don’t be afraid to make the approach. You might get singed …then again you may not…..

All this, coming from Mr Trust-o-phobia himself…maybe this’ll pass…maybe not…we’ll see….:-P


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  1. kasku says:

    I’ve always felt that the Internet is just as real as “real life”. In a lot of ways, it’s far easier to be honest and really communicate via it, because you don’t have the proximity thing to overcome. (Not sure if you know what I mean by the proximity thing. I.e. there’s a lot of small talk and a lot of time taken in getting to know someone’s presence, rather than their real selves.)
    Know what I mean?

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