A question for each & every one of y’all….

Inspired in part by this post by deltaproximus….

I’ve already asked other friends this, and I’m eager to ask you, s’here goes….

How do you define dating? What does the concept of dating mean to each and every one of you?

Is it just a bit of fun? Something you do “just because”? Something you do because it’s expected? Or do you see it as the potential build up to something long-lasting – the quest to find the hero or heroine of your epic tale?

What would be the right reasons to date…and what would be the wrong ones?

Do you think it’s better to work on oneself – become one’s own hero(ine) – and wait for your hero(ine)…or to date around and hope to find him/her that way?

Is dating a prerequisite to a relationship…. or can a relationship blossom forth from summat else – say an established friendship – without all the hassle and ceremony of the big D?

Should one look to be the best person they can be before entering a relationship, or can a relationship help mend a fractured self-esteem?

Answers on a postcard to the usual address….


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