So Tripp Eisen, the guitarist for one of my favourite bands – Static-X – is an Ayn Rand fan, no less?

Interesting the things one discovers in cyberspace…

Check out his lil space on the web, if you be a industrial rock/ Static-X/ objectivism enthusiast – good stuff indeed!


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3 Responses to ¡Estupendo!

  1. fnguitard04 says:

    ayne rand shayne rand
    What’s your thing with ayne rand? I’ve always wondered what the reason is to liking her works, it must be good….what is it?

    • MRDA says:

      Hey – you’re alive!
      It’s just extremely inspirational – her fiction and philosophy. Very, pro-individual, but not in some cliched “gOfF 666″ type way” – her works actually place emphasis on rationality. It’s inspirational in a similar way Emerson’s “Self Reliance” is, only without the religious, transcendentalist bent to it…..
      I’m sure I remember you saying you’ve read Anthem before. The Fountainhead‘s pretty damn good too! Atlas Shrugged looks like a hefty motherfucker of a book, but I’ll get round to reading it in due course.
      Non-fiction wise, The Virtue of Selfishness and The Romantic Manifesto are good places to get grounded in her philosophy, aesthetics and whatnot…..
      Hope my favourite Renaissance Woman’s doing good, keeping the assholes at bay and whatnot – get (Online) one of these days, won’tcha?

  2. wetplants says:

    I think that the lead singer of Cradle of Filth claimed that his favorite band is Tool. At the time, Tool was my most favorite band, so I was so proud to here that someone else shared that with me. Heck, the guy from Cradle of Filth is in to Tool!

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