People of England–Bend Over for Your Biometric Violation!


It seems as if this ID card scheme will get the go-ahead, what with the excretions from the bowels of Parliament being smeared across the pages of the press. This latest manifestation of government arrogance is scheduled to come into effect in 2008, with a planned £2’500 fine for any dissenters from this scheme.

Of course, all this is being done “for the benefit of the British people”; all this compulsion and cajoling is done “for our own good” so we should, in effect, shut up and be reasonable about it all – right?

If they keep saying this often enough, they may even start to believe it.

Isn’t it ironic how we’re raised to adulthood, taught and told to stand on our own two feet – and then bludgeoned back to babyhood for the conceit and profit of the Nanny State?

Anyways, this ID card scheme is part of the Labour Party’s manifesto for next year’s General Election (and a major reason why I’ll be voting against the motherfuckers). Heading this scheme is Home Secretary David “Big Brother” Blunkett, a man who has made the press for more than his policies recently…

The specifics of the Blunkett personal scandal aren’t terribly important – at least not the parts that don’t involve the abuse of governmental powers. I couldn’t really give a flying fuck whether or not the guy gets paternity rights to the kid he fathered with his married lover; what I do give a fuck about is a man who’s built much of his career on controlling immigration, suddenly doing a volte-face and procuring a visa for his lover’s nanny.

Ever more fundamentally, I have a serious issue with a government which is willing to spend millions to defile our privacy and civil rights, invoking an entitlement to a personal life, untampered by the press, for its constituents. Personally, I think that any bureaucrat who seeks to diminish individual freedoms in the name of security or “morality”, should be dragged kicking and screaming through the gutter press at every possible opportunity.


Hypocrisy and parliament – were I compiling a dictionary, those two words would be synonyms.

In any case, it seems as if the ID juggernaut will roll on toward it’s destination, as voting Labour is de rigeur round these-here parts; ever more worrying is that, according to polls, 80% of peeps would support Big Brother’s Biometric Buggery.

Whatever happened to the spirit of ‘Rule Britannia’?

It looks like Britons really, really, really shall be slaves – and I’ll be on the first plane out of here should this worst-case scenario come to pass…


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13 Responses to People of England–Bend Over for Your Biometric Violation!

  1. withonen says:

    Hey, I don’t know how I came accross your journal, but just wanted to say that it’s nice to see that there are people who aren’t retarted, I haven’t met one in a very long time.
    You put a smile on my face, especially about the commies!

    • konami says:

      There’s some more of us on Live Journal yet.
      It’s nice to see somebody like you from France! it must be rough; Though it’s rough for those who value true liberty everywhere.

    • MRDA says:

      Glad you enjoy reading my journal.
      Similarly, your entry mentioning Sartre was rather interesting, as are the following entries…based on that, I’ve added ya – if that’s fine with you!

  2. withonen says:

    It is rough.
    I feel as though all those that value true liberty carry the weight of reality, while the rest just swim in illusions and naivety.
    how very frustrating

    • MRDA says:

      Alas, those mired in illusions seem terrified of the shadows such illusions entail, and will sell themselves – and people like us – down the river to ensure the shadows are kept at bay.

  3. newedition says:

    What exactly is this ID card? Do you have a link to an article about it?
    Great entry though.
    Hm, where would you take a plane to? The United States? HA. The national ID card is on its way there too.

    • MRDA says:

      Links? I have several…
      Ask and ye shall receive, Carrie….
      The USA is getting em too? The “free world” is officially fucked, it would seem!
      What about Canada, or am I hoping against hope there?

      • newedition says:

        Re: Links? I have several…
        This Blunkett character is quite scary. It seems he/ the government still have not defined a clear purpose for these ID cards or why they are actually deemed necessary. This looks like the given reason for the cards:
        “They’re sensible, pre-emptive measures. Pre-emptive in the sense that we live now in a rapidly changing world, where people’s fears are greater, not just in terms of terrorism, but fear in their own neighbourhood and community, and we’ve been able to establish stability and security in terms of the economy, and people’s economic family life, we need to be able to do that in their immediate environment, and internationally, and in dealing with terrorism.”
        So carrying around a new card makes people secure? This is similar to what happened in a lot of American high schools after Columbine (if you’re not familiar with that, Columbine refers to 2 students who shot/killed a lot of people in their high school). After that, most schools made students carry around mandatory ID cards, saying it “increases school safety.” And the IDIOT parents said, “Oh, how nice, everyone is safe now.” !!!!! HOW exactly does this increase safety or security? You sum it up quite well here: “Alas, those mired in illusions seem terrified of the shadows such illusions entail, and will sell themselves – and people like us – down the river to ensure the shadows are kept at bay.”
        Apparently they also sent out a survey to see if people are in favor of the ID cards, but this is what it says:
        “Do you welcome plans to tackle organised crime, illegal immigration, benefit fraud and national security through the introduction of ID cards?”
        A rather interesting wording…
        The biometric part is probably the worst. Plans for a USA card are not as far along as this, but I did hear some talk of it– but nothing with biometric identity features. That’s only one step from implanting bar codes in to everyone.
        Canada. I don’t have a single good thing to say about this nightmare of a country. The US is certainly not perfect, and gets less so by the day, but Canada is so far in the other direction that it really is a breeding ground for terrorists and criminals and *gasp* socialists! Ha. Too many complaints to name right now– but the US is correct in the claim that a lot of terrorists and criminals and drug dealers who try to come in to the US, come through the Canadian border after living in Canada for 5 years and getting citzenship while establishing their terror cells in quiet little communities.
        I wonder about Australia? I don’t know anything about it– I wonder how “free” this child of England still is? There really is nowhere left.

  4. phyrbyrd says:

    Let’s go to France. They have a good health service there.

    • withonen says:

      France isn’t any better, the health service is good, but as far as applying the philsophies they came up with, it’s all garbage over here.
      gross people are around the world, in every gawddamn country, which is why I’ve decided to take advantage of their stupidity come up with some invention like “post-its’ and buy myself an island from the profits. would anyone care to join me?

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