Moral Politics test (nicked from rinku’s journal) & the cancer that is slave morality

“Your Score

Your scored -3.5 on the Moral Order axis and -7 on the Moral
Rules axis.

The following items best match your score:

System: Liberalism

Variation: Economic Liberalism

Ideologies: Ultra Liberalism, Progressive Neo-Liberalism

US Parties: No match.

Presidents: Bill Clinton (84.38%) (Fuck off!)

2004 Election Candidates: John Kerry (77.79%), Ralph Nader (62.96%), George W. Bush
(61.41%) (Ok – suck a dick!)

Liberalism is a political system that blends NonConformance and Independence

Liberalism sees individual liberty as the highest values in social and
economical life. It favors the right to dissent from orthodox tenets or
established authorities in social or economical matters.

This definition of Liberalism (there are many) blends the social aspects of
U.S. Liberalism [NonConformance] with the economic aspects of European
Liberalism [Independence].

Ultra Liberalism is an extreme form of Economic Liberalism.

It is the view (sometimes called Minimal Statism, or Minarchism) that
government should be as small as possible.

Ultra-liberalists usually agree that government should be restricted to its
"minimal" state functions of government (courts, police, prisons,
defense). Some other minarchists include in the role of government the
management of essential common infrastructure (roads, money).

Minarchists often accept as valid some of current government’s domain, and
consider it more urgent to stop the expansion of government than to reduce its
domain to any particular size. Minarchists are generally opposed to government
programs which transfer wealth or which subsidize certain sectors of the

Progressive NeoLiberalism is a moderate form of Economic Liberalism.

Neoliberalism is a political philosophy and a political-economic
movement beginning in the 1970s that de-emphasizes or rejects government
intervention in the economy, focusing instead on achieving progress and even
social justice by more free-market methods, especially an emphasis on economic
growth, as measured by changes in real gross domestic product.

Progressive Neoliberalism is Neoliberalism associated with non-conforming
moral values.”

Purdy accurate I’d say – though what the fuck were they thinking with those presidents/candidates?

My major gripe with this test (yes there is one) is how all the sides that favour freedom and independence are located on the minus end of the morality scales. Now I may be reading a lot into this, but isn’t there some presumption on the part of the creators of this test that uber-conformity and authoritarianism are the ways to go on the path to righteousness? Holy shit – does this mean the likes of Hitler should be venerated rather than vilified?

To think we’ve been getting it wrong all this time….

Noticing this today gave me an insight into the heart and mind of the full-time nihilist who explicitly rejects morality. When religious dogma and “Mother Knows Best” government are given plus points as “morality”, then you can hardly blame the peeps who turn round and stick their (black nail-varnished) finger up at the whole fucking concept. It’s not unlike the terminal patient who elects to take his own life, rather than let himself be slowly raped by the tumours swarming over him.

Any “morality” or political system that’d seek to rob you of your freedom, autonomy and/or dignity is not a morality, but rather a cancer awaiting chemotherapic purging – or your death!

In any case, take the test, if you feel so inclined, and make your results known….


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2 Responses to Moral Politics test (nicked from rinku’s journal) & the cancer that is slave morality

  1. noshot says:

    Freedom and Independence = rebellion

  2. All of our candidates are a ‘lesser of two evils’ choice. It’s just better publicized outside the country. (Notice I’m equally bashing BOTH major parties, so I won’t get into trouble with my gub’ment job.)

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