….yet it still rains down in Africa….

Watching the news, what do I see?

More pathetic “do-gooding” from the geniuses who run the “Free” World…

I grow increasingly sick and tired of the attitude that pumping more and more money into Africa will suddenly make its stricken nations any less shitholes – yet, once again, this is the smash-hit “solution” being proposed by the likes of Tony Blair, George Dubya and Emperor Palp– I mean Putin at the latest G8 summit!

I suggest that these masterminds pump some sense into themselves, instead of pumping money into any beleaguered continents!

They think that financial end will turn Africa into a death-resistant, corruption-reduced, well-fed paradise? HA! Hyeah, that’s as likely as me sprouting a second dick! We’re talking about a continent – not a city or country but a continent – held in the vice grip of Christian and Muslim slave moralities, not to mention mysticisms from ancient times. Someone made a comment about Africa being the only continent that has moved backwards with time – whilst I question such a claim, I can fully see why that part of the world does not move forward. We’re talking about a region where people’s fear and embracing of death curses is the very thing that induces said deaths; a region where AIDS-infected promiscuites rape virgins, convinced such contact will cure their disease; a region where a public stoning for a private moral failing is deemed acceptable; a region which creates the most disgusting, unimaginative Christian slave moralist propaganda cinema I’ve ever seen – it almost makes American fundamentalist pricks seem tolerant and liberal!

If I see one more Ghanaian/Nigerian flick exercising deus ex machina, and waving Biblical scripture in my face whilst doing so, I think I’m gonna have to fly out there and strangle all those responsible!

(As a side note I notice how the Afrocentric massmind venerates Christianity, God and all that jazz as an almost essential normative of “blackness” despite the fact that this religion has been historically forced on them by the Eurocentric Colonialist massmind – way to “reject white influences”, guys! I’ll stop laughing at your silly normative conceptions of “The True Black” and “True African” when you start venerating tribal animism or ancestral worship in place of Father, Son and Holy Ghost!)

Anyways, returning to the G8 figureheads, I remember one of them (don’t ask me who) saying something along the lines of “of course we’ll have to sort out the removal of corrupt governments and systems, but the money comes first“. A coven of myopic minds, aiding the disease in their “attempts” to treat the symptoms – these V.I.P bigwig political leaders don’t seem to take Africa at all seriously from where I sit! Wake-up call, Bush, Blair et al:you have to remove the Amins and Mugabes before you start spouting shibboleths about “relieving Africa’s debt” and “healing the scar on the world’s conscience” (ugh!). I suspect that, deep-down, the world’s leaders know this, yet peeps like Blair are too used to stroking the cocks of Mugabe and his ilk (allowing them into the UK and whatnot) to really follow through on this. Sooooooo, I guess we’ll have to put up to more taxpayer money being wasted propping up dictatorships, patronising an entire continent of people and averting everyone’s eyes away from Africa’s real problems – ho hum!

The fellating of the impotent seems to be the new past-time on the world stage – where’s the long-term hormone therapy?


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17 Responses to ….yet it still rains down in Africa….

  1. jdcooper says:

    an entry of truly exciting quality, yet again.

  2. My friend were discussing this.
    He feels that Africa will soon become a major factor in global terrorism and other problems of the world if some of the problems there are not solved immediately. We both understand that money will not help it.
    Good entry.

    • MRDA says:

      And, as I wrote this entry, I wondered to myself “is Osama laying low/ living it up in some North African theocracy somewhere, whilst everyone has all but forgotten about him?” All this “debt relief” could very well be inadvertently(?) aiding him, if he’s in cahoots with any crackpot African dictators. It’s one to contemplate…

  3. ubermensch says:

    I’d tend to agree with the premise that africa is in fact the only continent that has regressed rather than progressed with time. a continent which once held pyramid builders and mansa musa (african emperor with so much gold that when he visited egypt he crashed the local gold market if I remember correctly) now holds gun toting savages (who grantedly were there already, but werent always gun toting), the most repressive slave moralities to be found anywhere except maybe north korea, and such depraved tyrants as robert mugabe (although I will admit here, as far as african tyrants go, I’ve always had a soft spot for idi amin — his playful eccentricities as a man almost make one want to forget his unspeakable horrors as a leader)

  4. cluebyfour says:

    Awesome rant, dude. I’m not sure I could even add to it, as I am the typical ‘murrican who is largely ignorant of Africa’s troubles. I guess the only thing I’d mention is that the continent’s problems have largely worsened since its countries gained independence and installed governments run largely by corrupt dictators. I don’t know if the legacies of colonialism or African tribalism are more to blame, but I agree 100% that throwing money at corrupt regimes won’t solve a thing.

  5. biscayne says:

    It’ll look good on their world leader resumes. At the same time, though, you can’t expect the world powers to just idly sit by and do nothing–not that it’s on the same scale, but look what happened when the democracies sat and twiddled their thumbs while Hitler and his goose-stepping SS marched every which way and took over and exploited half of Europe because Hitler knew Great Britain and France would do nothing to stop him, and “The Americans are only good for making iceboxes and electric razors”. I think with that era the world powers then and future world powers to come learned their lesson.

    • ubermensch says:

      completely different scenario. the dictatorships of africa simply don’t have the infrastructure to initiate a world conquest campaign.

      • biscayne says:

        What I meant was that the world powers are always going to meddle in other countries’ business. I just used Germany as an example, and if you’d read clearly you’d see that I said “not that it’s on the same scale”.

    • MRDA says:

      At the same time, though, you can’t expect the world powers to just idly sit by and do nothing
      Of course it could be argued that that’s exactly what they’re doing – nothing! They’re simply opting for the most convoluted-yet-acceptable means of not taking action.

  6. Your reply is not too far fetched…

  7. bastardzero says:

    This is a great post.

  8. molkovia04 says:

    I arrived here by way of a reply of yours on Chiller’s LJ.
    I just have to say this is a great post! A much more eloquent version of the thoughts swirling through my brain.
    All the G8 activity just don’t seem to tackle the real problems (of which I only have the slightest knowledge). It just seems to be a ‘throw money with one hand whilst covering your eyes with the other’ kind of solution.

    • MRDA says:

      ‘It just seems to be a ‘throw money with one hand whilst covering your eyes with the other kind of solution.’
      Precisely, like an ostentatious show of “look how benevolent we are” , which does nowt but harm all round, in the long run!
      Glad you took the time to visit and comment! Checked out your blog – it seems you do aikido? Interesting!

      • molkovia04 says:

        🙂 Aikido has somewhat taken over at the moment, I’m looking forward to getting away from the syllabus and trying out some different things.
        Unfortunately, coherant political statements are not my strong point… Nor are replys apparantly, “…G8 activity just don’t seem to tackle…”. Sheesh!!
        But it’s great to read them elsewhere.

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