And the Comedy of the Day Award goes to……

Check this li’l’ gem out – it gave me and my colleagues at work a good laugh earlier when we saw the ad in the Islamic Times

I-Muslim? I still continue my laughter at the concept!

It wouldn’t surprise me if the true blue fundie contingent of Islam conjure up their own version, compatible with WMA (Wahabbist Militant Audio) even as I type. New features – a built in SatNav pointing to Mecca; a bluetooth linking them to all the other terror cells scattered across the globe; and the ability to explode within the vicinity of London Transport, American architecture and Danish print presses!

Now I know what I want for Saturnalia….


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4 Responses to And the Comedy of the Day Award goes to……

  1. ghostdog_ says:

    Wait, what?
    Welcome to the fucking twilight zone.

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