Jesus Fucking Christ!

I really, really can’t stand Jehovah’s fucking Witnesses nor any other Born-Again evangelizing motherfuckers!

Just under three hours ago , I got engaged in a doorstep "debate" with two of the former (again)….

….and I just finished arguing with two of the latter – or rather the vocal one of the two who literally foamed at the mouth in response at my questions, assertions and counter-arguments.

The concepts of atheism, empiricism, amoralism and plain fucking consistency continue to elude them – as ever!

And debating the existence of deities prove to be a fruitless exercise with these guys, as far as I see it – even if a prime mover or force of creation exists, how does that in any way validate theirs?

Also, explain to me how natural selection negates individuality and variance amongst people.

And no – the thought of being "a slave to the Almighty" doesn’t fill me with wonder, bliss and reverence – quite the opposite in fact!

Ironic, they call me close-minded and subjective – project much, lads?

But I really should lay the blame for all this at my doorstep (quite aptly) – I should know by now what suits, long coats and leather bags signify. Plus, I really need to bone up on my debating skills in the thick of the moment – that way I could silence the fuckers and keep my doorstep (relatively) clean.

Mind you, the second pair, with their lanyard ID cards, looked closer to the part of the Sky TV repairers I currently wait for – and let’s not get into what I think of that company right now…..


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