Jesus Fucking Christ!

I really, really can’t stand Jehovah’s fucking Witnesses nor any other Born-Again evangelizing motherfuckers!

Just under three hours ago , I got engaged in a doorstep "debate" with two of the former (again)….

….and I just finished arguing with two of the latter – or rather the vocal one of the two who literally foamed at the mouth in response at my questions, assertions and counter-arguments.

The concepts of atheism, empiricism, amoralism and plain fucking consistency continue to elude them – as ever!

And debating the existence of deities prove to be a fruitless exercise with these guys, as far as I see it – even if a prime mover or force of creation exists, how does that in any way validate theirs?

Also, explain to me how natural selection negates individuality and variance amongst people.

And no – the thought of being "a slave to the Almighty" doesn’t fill me with wonder, bliss and reverence – quite the opposite in fact!

Ironic, they call me close-minded and subjective – project much, lads?

But I really should lay the blame for all this at my doorstep (quite aptly) – I should know by now what suits, long coats and leather bags signify. Plus, I really need to bone up on my debating skills in the thick of the moment – that way I could silence the fuckers and keep my doorstep (relatively) clean.

Mind you, the second pair, with their lanyard ID cards, looked closer to the part of the Sky TV repairers I currently wait for – and let’s not get into what I think of that company right now…..


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  1. cearrdorn says:

    in my experience the fervent and fanatical believer in ANY religion or philosophy should be avoided like plague and foot rot. Why?
    Because they lack the fundamental ability to listen. They have a new truth, and that truth must drowned out everything the hear lest they lose their shaky hold on this new faith they’ve discovered. I’ve seen this with Christians, Pagans, and even Atheists. The simple truth, is that it may all be a crock of shit, or it may have some truth in it somewhere, we don’t know, because there is no one smarter than we to figure it out. The day everyone can agree on that fundamental point, bombs will stop killing children on the way to school, and “Religion of Peace” might no longer be an empty phrase ironic and devoid of meaning.
    Until then, rational discourse among civilized men will be the rare bird in the aviary. This indeed is what made America’s founding fathers so significant. It was not that they chose to oppose a government. It was that they let their differences fall to the wayside in the forging of the new government, and did not try to stress nor imprint anything they believed religiously upon it.
    The new bigotry ultimately is political correctness, however, the backlash to this bigotry is fundamentalism, both extremes are flawed, hopefully people like you and I can continue to still meet in the sensible common ground. 🙂

  2. bastardzero says:

    If you treat those mooks with any respect, they become very patronizing. Like a telemarketer who keeps calling you ‘Bro’, they pretend to converse with you as if they’re not just advertising. There’s no more sense treating these guys in a dignified manner than there is trying not to insult a guy who solicits you for an anonymous blowjob on the street.

    • MRDA says:

      Well, if I’m honest, I think a part of me enjoys the clash of worldviews.
      You should have seen the look on the frothy-mouth guy’s face when I point-blank told him I don’t see anything wrong with being selfish or putting myself first – concepts he took considerable umbrage with!
      Part of me not slamming the door in their face (a strategy I might just employ next time) has to do with me wanting to totally pick and prick at their dogma and, if possible, rip it apart before their eyes and ears with anything but the placid acceptance they expect. I actually do enjoy the fact they go off sore and aggrieved as a result of someone daring to question the very thing that makes them bother people proselytize with such conviction.
      In short, I enjoy a good fight with these muppets and if I end up owning them, so much the better….
      On the other hand, I did feel myself dragged down to their level, when they started saying how my beliefs are dogma and such and my limited knowledge of hard science let me down quite a bit leading to a lot of pauses and such in the exchange, so I wasn’t too thrilled with myself after all that.
      So yeah – I’ll definitely remember this day….

  3. rawr_becca says:

    hahah. No people come to my door. And, yoou should just be like, no thanks, sorry, bye. And shut the door on them cold. It takes up so much energy to argue with people like that. . .

  4. ubermensch says:

    once upon a time, I was walking through berkeley, and this appropriately agent-smith looking mormon comes up to me and proceeds to try to give me the sales pitch for reasons I should convert to the church of bring-em young. and a random bypasser walks by, overhears us, and decides to approach us. turns out he’s the pastor of some southern baptist church. and upon this revelation came forth a froth of verbal diarrhea (from both pairs of lips) easily frothing and grand guignol enough to be in the book of revelation, as they proceeded to argue over who got to convert me first.
    and didnt notice when I walked away

  5. elektra_ego says:

    Hey. You added me as a friend I think. I’ve read back a few entries – you’re strike me as being pretty cool. I shall now stalk friend you. 😀

  6. banefire says:

    You should have done what I did do once. In the flats I was living in there were JW’s every weekend and they were getting to be pains in the arse. As soon as I saw them entering the block of flats, I listened to the sounds of door knockings to give me a clue where they were. I hid behind my door, and as soon as they knocked on my door, I screamed out: “Your human sacrifices have arrived, my Lord Satan”.
    You couldn’t see the JW’s for bloody dust. They never came back. LOL! I never seen them move so fast. :-)))

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