Halal & Hypocrisy

What luck for rulers, that men do not think.
Adolf Hitler



Islam really did dominate the news this week, didn’t it?

It started with the British government barring Dutch Politico Geert Wilders from entering the country to screen his anti-Islam movie, Fitna:

I saluted Wilders’ audacity when I first heard about this: he doggedly expressed his determination to make the trip, even if it ended with him being booted back to the Netherlands, all in the name of his freedom of speech…

…but then, I encountered his views on the Koran:

“I want to ban the Koran. In the Netherlands we have banned Mein Kampf. I see a comparison between the two books. Not only are both books of totalitarian ideology but they both also incite violence.”

Gee – such a bastion of free speech, ladies and gentlemen!

Then again, perhaps my surprise betrays a momentary flash of naiveté: trust a politician to rape Lady Liberty whilst professing to protect her.

Why exactly does he get to leaf through the recited word to mine quotes for his home movie, yet his fellow Nederlanders don’t get the same courtesy?

The scalpel of research exposes this “freedom” advocate’s feet of clay all-the-more: he may not be fond of importing Middle Eastern religion, but he seemed a-ok with importing Middle Eastern (in this case, Israeli) administrative detention to his free and pleasant land! I can see why the guy would favour banning Mein Kampf: the illusionist has to conceal the tricks of his trade, after all…

But all this constitutes digression. As much as I may despise this democratically-elected worm, I can’t help but roll my eyes at the moral panic surrounding Fitna. You had the expected response from the Muslim “leaders” and the obligatory moral outrage statements from the White Guilt Home Office (who, as Wilders pointed out, had no problem letting in anti-Semites like Yusuf al-Qaradawi ). Watching QuestionTime on Thursday night, I scoffed at the Goodguy Badge-touting members of the panel and audience decrying Wilders as a “hatred-inciter” and a “racist”; ironically, the one intelligent view came from Respect leader Salma Yaqoob, who, like a veiled Voltaire, disagreed with Wilders’ views on her religion whilst vehemently defending his liberty to express them on these shores, a move that put the object of her defence to shame, however unwittingly!


So, what do I see when viewing the Wilders film? Nothing I haven’t seen in the pages of a Sam Harris polemic, albeit shorter, snappier, and more sensationalist. It strikes me as no worse, in intent and presentation, than the “New Atheists” laying the smackdown on fundamentalist Christianity; the target seems to be Islam and the true believer contingent rather than the wider Muslim populace, many of whom co-exist quite peaceably with the rest of us. As for racism? The closest thing approaching racism evidenced was the “God Bless Hitler” placard held by one of the fanatics in the film; shame the White Guilt Police and useful (?) dunderheads never bothered to watch it — they’d have also seen another of their pet victims, homosexuals, on the receiving end of the militant Mohammedians they unwittingly play apologist for.

All that said, I suspect the Netherlands have more to fear from their professed protector then they do from the Muslims in their midst; even if his concerns about Muslim fundies carry validity, Geert Wilders’ strikes me as nothing more than a mendacious little louse who would use the threat of Islamo-fascism to wriggle in his own secular variant.

I echo the sentiment voiced by Dutch Muslim rapper Appa, who says, “If someone were to put a bullet in his head, I wouldn’t mind.”

Meanwhile, back in the UK, Domino’s Pizza seem determined to alienate their non-Islamic clientèle, turning one of their branches into a Halal-only venue.

You couldn’t make this shit up, nakama!

They couldn’t just throw a few halal pizzas on the menu- nooooo!

Instead they’ve taken any semblance of swine (non-halal meat) off the platter.

I suppose it’s one way to cut corners — and earn a few Pander Pounds in the bargain!


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