Off-Colour Remarks


Last fortnight yielded something of a surprise: black MP Diane Abbott being dragged across the airwaves for a racial faux pas. Given the recent emphasis on white wrongdoings (Emma West, the Stephen Lawrence trial), plus the downplay of violence perpetrated by racists of colour, I expected a few white-hostile tweets to sink to the bottom of the media septic tank.

As it stands, this white-unfriendly slab of racial essentialism received anomalous exposure:


With some Mad Lib tweaks, you can get the thought process of the typical Stormfronter who tags any behaviour he disagrees with “Jewish”.

I had a right laugh at Abbott’s ensuing backpedal in the wake of this revelation…

Tweet taken out of context. Refers to nature of 19th century European colonialism. Bit much to get into 140 characters.

Yeah, Diane, that word limit must’ve made it rrrreal difficult to use the correct tense; last time I checked, neither you nor I lived in Victorian England!

Still, she’s onto something when she talks of being “taken out of context”, albeit, not in the way she tried to spin it. The now-notorious tweet sprang forth from Abbott’s convo with one Bim Adewunmi, a freelancer concerned about the collectivist laziness of identity politics:


Abbott’s tweet, then, formed part of a racial reprimand: a cheap herding tactic sculpted to silence the heretics and dissenters within. It doesn’t help that she hashtags “don’t wash dirty linen in public” underneath her calls for conformity.

She might as well have scribed: “Shut up and toe the line, or, I’ll revoke your black card, so help me, Plato!” It amounts to the same sentiment. Just ask Jade Knight, whose Blackness Quotient was declared nonexistent by Abbott on account of her Tory sympathies.

For all their cries of “diversity” and “tolerance”, deviation is actually something ambulance-chasing race whores have trouble tolerating. As well as the aforementioned, this clusterfuck of a scenario gave us Lee Jasper, race hustler extraordinaire, likening Diane’s detractors to the Ku Klux Klan (A white knight lambasting others as white Knights—cute!); and Guardianistas tarring folk who actually give a shit about racial equity as “right-wingers”.

The trouble with these self-glorified Messiahs who fancy themselves as voices of the voiceless is that their status relies on their perceived pets remaining well…voiceless. When Abbott admonishes Adewunmi to “show more public solidarity”, she’s, at bottom, doing nowt more than protecting her precarious position as an overseer of British blackhood; understandable, what with it keeping her so well-fed.

Abbott and her ilk remind me of trade union tsars who, in the name of the hypothetical worker (and their own pocketbooks), happily dismiss the flesh ‘n’ blood worker as a “scab” for fulfilling his function. Actually, fuck that! They’re more like Antebellum Era plantation owners, hoping their pet Negroes pick enough cotton to keep them cashed-up and cushy. After all, Abbott’s the same class warrior who called out her cohorts for sending their spawn to public schoolsonly to do the same thing herself; and reports suggest Jasper likes to jape-around with the pilfered purse.

Of course, while those melanite Massas live the life of Riley, they expect the po’ black folk further down the status ladder to keep singing Negro spirituals in their honour. In many ways, it resembles the paternalism of many white limo-Lefties, except that commonality of complexion allows these “leaders” a certain carte blanche not accorded to the Blancs—call it “skin colour privilege”.

The attitudes expected and expressed by Abbott go some way to explaining my aversion to racialism; folk of that worldview tend to make similar obnoxious claims on the lives, achievements, and choices of others who share their lineage . I hear it whenever endogamists bitch about interracial couples, accusing other races of “fetishism” and “stealing our men/women”; or when “conscious” fuckers mandate “giving back to the community”, dismissing any choice beyond their KwanziteWotanist-onanist dogma as “self-hating” and “inauthentic”.

As I said in an earlier episode,

Does my being a melanite mean I must be fodder for every—or indeed any—cause or cretin with the word “black” as a qualifier?

Abbott and her ilk seem to think so.

Sadly for them, not all of us play well with Procrusteans


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