The Myth of Sanctity: The Reality of Sanctimony

Reading a number of interviews with Jim Goad got me thinking about something…

I often see women rally together for the express purpose of stamping out domestic violence against themselves – solidarity in sisterhood, and all that…


But I also see women rally together for the express purpose of defending domestic violence – directed at their kids.


Do I stand alone in cocking an eyebrow, Roger Moore-style, at the overlap in these tendencies?

Sure, I’ve seen and heard blokes defend the latter stance; however, their vehemence never seems to match that of their female counterparts, generally speaking.

Want a fitting analogy for the peculiar phenomenon, taken to the nth degree? How about a Middle Eastern dictator sobbing over American imperialism whilst flinging his citizenry through meat grinders; or perhaps hardcore Zionists who fled oppression on one continent, only to re-enact it on another; or maybe the blubberings of white supremacist untermenschen, those oh-so virtuous victims of “the ZOG machine”, who get priapic at the prospect of the Day of the Rope; or perhaps some of my fellow melaniners across the pond, who disregarded the political restrictions heaped on them in the past when imposing them, via ballot, on their queer co-citizens?

Take your pick. The pattern remains the same.

Entitled members of the sisterhood, a well as their White Knight enablers,would tell me how naughty it is to hit women – in any context – on account of them being delicate wilting lilies, naked in the breeze…

Well, what the fuck are kids made of—granite?

One thing I respect about wife-beating corporal punishment enthusiasts: at least they’re fucking consistent!


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