The Myth of Sanctity: The Reality of Sanctimony

Reading a number of interviews with Jim Goad got me thinking about something…

I often see women rally together for the express purpose of stamping out domestic violence against themselves – solidarity in sisterhood, and all that…


But I also see women rally together for the express purpose of defending domestic violence – directed at their kids.


Do I stand alone in cocking an eyebrow, Roger Moore-style, at the overlap in these tendencies?

Sure, I’ve seen and heard blokes defend the latter stance; however, their vehemence never seems to match that of their female counterparts, generally speaking.

Want a fitting analogy for the peculiar phenomenon, taken to the nth degree? How about a Middle Eastern dictator sobbing over American imperialism whilst flinging his citizenry through meat grinders; or perhaps hardcore Zionists who fled oppression on one continent, only to re-enact it on another; or maybe the blubberings of white supremacist untermenschen, those oh-so virtuous victims of “the ZOG machine”, who get priapic at the prospect of the Day of the Rope; or perhaps some of my fellow melaniners across the pond, who disregarded the political restrictions heaped on them in the past when imposing them, via ballot, on their queer co-citizens?

Take your pick. The pattern remains the same.

Entitled members of the sisterhood, a well as their White Knight enablers,would tell me how naughty it is to hit women – in any context – on account of them being delicate wilting lilies, naked in the breeze…

Well, what the fuck are kids made of—granite?

One thing I respect about wife-beating corporal punishment enthusiasts: at least they’re fucking consistent!


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16 Responses to The Myth of Sanctity: The Reality of Sanctimony

  1. funwithrage says:

    I’m anti-abuse, but I think you should damn well be able to spank your kids if they act up. I don’t go to many rallies or anything, but my take on it has nothing to do with delicacy:
    Kids are pretty explicitly *not* equal to adults, nor should they be. Parents are authority figures, and are responsible for the safety, education, and molding-into-a-decent-person process of their kids. This isn’t–or shouldn’t be–the relationship between sexual partners.
    I mean, violence aside, if a guy I’m dating starts trying to discipline me, change my behavior, or keep me safe against my personal wishes, I’m not dating that guy very long: contrary to what Freud says, not that many women *actually* want to fuck their fathers.

    • MRDA says:

      I guess you’re not into BDSM then… :p
      Even with the inequality between kids and adults and the position of authority the latter hold, I still see little, if any, value in corporal punishment. Speaking from experience and observation of it, I think many a parent can prove overly-liberal in their definition and application of corporal punishment.
      If anyone “punished” their pets with the same ferocity as some parents punished their kids, there’d be next-to-no debate in regard to the “merits”: they’d be too busy clamping leg irons on the fucker!

  2. xhellsfirex says:

    The spiffiest part of the battery to me is when feminists get behind “women shelters”… I know men who’ve been abused by their wives and have yet to see any shelters for them. But we’re not supposed to be any different.

  3. People are fucking stupid. You know as i was reading the turning diaries I kept wondering how things would run after the white supremacist won. Who would entertain them ? Who would create new inventions , who would educate them? Fucking dummies.

  4. rawr_becca says:

    as long as it’s with an object thinner than the width of your thumb. THATS WHAT SHE GETS FOR BURNING YOUR DINNER.

  5. haha I found Goad’s writing thoroughly entertaining in it’s crudeness, as you said; you have to hand it to him for sticking by his convictions.
    It really relates to this rant I’ve been on lately; I work in Berkeley on a street called Telegraph ave, which in the 60s was the heart of the hippie movement and is still a notorious liberal sanctuary, and all I hear all day long is about how evil, conservative, and religiously tyrannical Bush was. They go on and on about torture and religious and cultural oppression and you’d think that Iraq was a wonderland of liberal progressivism before we got there and Bush just threw a wrench in the works since they are so mysterious quiet when it comes to the crimes of every one else in the region. While I get that we have more of a responsibility to be on the asses of our home-grown political leaders, it burns me that none of these incredibly “globally aware” individuals ever seem to have criticisms for the fundamentalists in the Middle East who torture and kill homosexuals and “scarlet” women.
    So it’s only bad when a good ole’ boy does it? Not willing to speak up when it’s another culture, because you’re so fucking tolerant? Bush is monster for not mandating gay marriage, but we cast no stones for this? That hypocrisy wouldn’t bother me half so much if they didn’t constantly purport to be champions of global-issues and “citizens of the world” and what have you?
    And seriously if a chick gets punched when she’s in a position she’s put herself in and then doesn’t get out, boo-hoo. I’ve been punched by men plenty of times before (never by a significant other), if you don’t like it, get out of the way. If you stick around your enforcing it, go you!
    There are plenty of resources for abused women these days, if they don’t take advantage, 8 times out of 10 these days it’s because they are too far gone in their own psychological labyrinth to take care of themselves, that’s what happens. If you don’t have the instinct/good sense to get out it’s going to be survival of those with the most ambition to survive, period.
    It’s not like with kids where they don’t have a way out. I’m not saying it isn’t sad or regrettable or that I don’t understand about the psychological traps women get caught in, but ultimately it’s still a decision and once you decide to put yourself in that situation I don’t want to extend quite the amount of energy toward “rescuing” you that I would for a child or disabled person, or elder who was being abused.

    • MRDA says:

      Say what you will about Goad’s previous form with women – the bloke’s an awesome writer!
      What amuses me about many Lefty types is that they decry the war of terror, yet are just as moralistic, imperialistic and grasping as the Conservocrats they despise. I hear Obama wants to get the next generation in on national service, as well as get offshore tax havens shut down. Now, if that isn’t arrogant encroachment and expansionism….
      Yet it seems like every so-called liberal wants to slurp on his schlong.
      The Lefty tendency to only criticize the injustices of Whitey is an interesting pathology. Do they hold back from criticizing everyone else out of respect for their cultures (which is unwitting disregard for those on the receiving end of said cultures, like our queer Iraqi friends)? Or do they criticize because they hold Whitey to a higher standard? If the latter, what then does this say about their perceptions of them-there darkies, towelheads et al, hmm?
      I kinda share your stance on domestic violence. I read something on a blog about a lot of women are attracted to irrationally-violent males as they can at least trust them to protect them corporeally, even if they often need to be corporeally protected *from* them.
      I fail to see why people weep for those who *choose* to enable their victimizers, yet endorse the merits of giving kids “a bloody good hiding”. Such is the nature of the herd animal, I guess…

      • Leftists saying that shit are the same ones who speak as if there’s no such thing a white culture; they act like whiteness is this bland thing and all the other races are the cultural “flavor,” which of course they mean to be a compliment of sorts because it’s apparently self-abasing. All it really does is set white(specifically western) culture as the standard on which all cultures and races are “appreciated” as exotic condiments. So when whitey does something bad they feel comfortable saying something, but when anyone else does it every hippy on telegraph wants to look PC so they just change the subject and shrug it off as being culturally sensitive. peh.
        As far as the preoccupation with lady-abuse, I think it really does all come back to the “white knight” syndrome, that’s the only thing I can think up. Because it’s so dreadfully counter-intuitive that we should be more involved with “rescuing” someone with arguable means to rescue themselves as opposed to the individual who clearly has no such means.
        At the end of the day, I can say that I’ve had the opportunity to find myself stuck in a relationship where some one was putting me down (although not with physical harm) and I was amazed at how experiencing that relationship at a time of emotional vulnerability opened me up to putting up with all sorts of horrendous nonsense and bullshit that I would never have pictured myself putting up with, much less waste a bunch of time and energy trying to justify it to myself and others. So I can say that I understand the delusions these women get trapped in, but none the less, I thoroughly believe that if I had never snapped out of it, in that crappy relationship was where I would have deserved to stay.
        As much as I look back and say to myself, “how could I have been so stupid??” I’m glad I was the one who made the decision, because I have the feeling that had I been ‘rescued’ I would have just been fulfilling one more step in the cycle of looking for some man to come along and make important decisions for me….awesome, right???!
        At the risk of sounding like a social Darwinist; it’s lame that chicks don’t feel like they can escape the cycle but really if they’re suited to be used by men in such degrading ways, who the fuck are we supposed to blame? Ultimately it’s their decision and who are we to drag them out of it if they’re the type of woman that is just going to do that over again with the next guy. I’m not saying we shouldn’t reach out to help give chicks a wake up call or help if they ask for it, but hell, it’s a far cry from a child guilty of nothing except being born to a bad situation they have no power to escape from, or the torture and abuse and worse that people receive at the hands of a tyrannical gov’t, etc.
        How about preventing future abusers and victims by giving a crap more about what abuse does to kids in the first place?

  6. stormyangel says:

    I wouldn’t assume that while the two groups presumably have overlap, that all women have that double standard.

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