"Put on a show for them, Revy."

My second thought upon seeing this: Is this what Black Lagoon would look like through a Bollywood (or would that be Tollywood) director’s cam lens?


Mumaith Khan seems to have got the Revy look down to a tee there; stick a fag in her mouth, give her a(nother) pair of Berettas and she’s set!

Third thought: Would Tollywood make a song ‘n’ dance out of ‘Red Fraction’?

Thought the Fourth: Is that get-up halal, Miss Khan?


Not that I object, of course….

Also, whilst we’re on the subject of celebrity lookalikes and religion…




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6 Responses to "Put on a show for them, Revy."

  1. biscayne says:

    LMAO at a(nother) pair of Berettas xP

  2. konami says:

    Damn, pretty hot.

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    I find that actress very attractive.
    Her body is almost exactly at the optimum ratio for the female form. I mean, she has just the right amount of female fleshiness without falling into obesity. If she lost the tattoos her body would be a gateway to heaven (or hell) on earth.
    Anton LaVey would probably agree.

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