Papier-Mâché(te): Another Pic, Another Piñata…


…and tonight’s paper mule is brought to you by Robert Rodriguez and Dimension Films:

I remember my amusement and enthusiasm upon seeing this as part of a previous Rob Rod flick (Planet Terror); put it down to the faux-grim narration, offset by that irreverent little punchline; plus the fact it has all the usual ingredients that make Rodriguez flicks such fun: gunplay, violence, grizzled antiheroes, and a general air of trashy audacity.

As such, I greeted the plans to make a full film of it with a nod of approval.

Fast forward to May the 5th, 2010, and this public service announcement from the eponymous star:

Once again, laughter ensued upon seeing this new, star-enhanced trailer; what better way to get arses shaking through the aisles than pressing a hot-button political issue of the moment? A textbook marketing ploy, but no less potent for that.

It seems other parties didn’t get the memo…

Here I sat, embarking on some internet trawl or other, when I encountered a blog post on the somewhat grating paleocon site Alternative Right; its author, Richard Spencer, saw something much more sinister in the trailer (and movie) than shock opportunism:

So that moviegoing Whites won’t get spooked, Hollywood execs have apparently decided to depict “Machete” as a down-on-his-luck special agent with a heart of gold. One doesn’t get the impression that the film has anything to do with immigration, race, and the assassination of a populist White senator…I hope as many White Americans as possible get duped by the new trailer and go see this film. It might bring them closer to recognizing that the media and political establishment thinks of them as “the expendables.”

Not unexpected, coming from an Alt Rightist. A little overblown, but nowt out of the ordinary for them.

Funny how reactions can grow from a little overblown to full on zeppelin-sized in the space of days…

One paleo’s polemic inflates to another paleo’s protest:


Andrew Yeoman, from my readings of Keith Preston’s anarcho-pluralist blog Attack the System, has garnered quite a bit of notoriety in anarchist circles; he espouses “national anarchism”, a stance which combines staunch anti-authoritarianism with the hardcore identity politics of the alt-right crowd. Given his outlook, he’s not gonna be too thrilled with a flick which demonizes whites sharing his anti-immigration stance—especially one funded with their pilfered earnings.

With that understood…a machete is ”the international symbol of GENOCIDE”!?!?


Sure, I won’t deny that if you wanted to hack someone into bloody chunks, a machete might not be a bad choice; I imagine—or, to be more accurate, know—that it’s also a great aid when it comes to pruning foliage, or snagging that pesky fruit and stubborn vegetable.

Maybe I failed to get the memo; does using it a for crop harvest violate its intrinsic function as a tool in the flesh harvest?

In all seriousness, that kinda statement reeks of the bombastic essentialism I encounter when debating anti-burqa folk: the view that an object has an built-in, incontestable, one-size-fits-all “meaning” to it, regardless of the variety of ways it’s actually viewed and used. It’s the same flawed schematic the gun-control, religionist and “hate speech”-penalizing folk operate from, something which—as an anarchist with paleoconservative views—Yeoman might want to keep in mind.

As things stand, the whole episode places Yeoman and co. in the same pen as all the PC-roids, and feminazis he’d usually stand against, not to mention the garden-variety religious puritards. Sure, BANA don’t want the government to enforce their aesthetics on all and sundry, but there’s still that stench of moral panic and social scolding wafting through the air.

And all this over a grindhouse flick, a genre of film that, once again, thrives on offensive extremity? Actually, as far as offensive extremity goes, I doubt Machete even qualifies, being a tale of personal revenge thrown onto a borderpolitik backdrop which, like a Slayer lyrics sheet, sounds too cartoonishly grotesque to take seriously.

Compare Machete to a grindhouse gem like Fight For Your Life, a flick yet to get a release here in Bad Ol’ Blighty…

…or the Spaghetti grindhouse mockumentary, Addio Zio Tom

Different era. Similar political plundering. Much greater emphasis.

And, of course, one needn’t journey into the B-movie inferno to find inflammatory content: Birth of a Nation, anyone? 300?

I can’t recall reading of any race wars breaking out in the wake of any of those flicks.

For all their professed respect for other “tribes”, I can’t help wondering if the BANA crew think that Mexican-American moviegoers are automatically gonna become fully-fledged members of La Raza upon exiting the cinemas. They sure as fuck don’t value the cognitive capacities of many of their own tribesmen, tending to see non-racialist whitefolk as self-hating, unreflective receptacles of Cultural Marxist dogma; very much the ol’ “you’re either with us, or you’re with the terrorists” line of thinking: a definer of many an ideological crusade.

Still, at least Yeoman and co. can argue against media-endorsed “genocide” with a semblance of integrity and validity; over at the less cerebrally-adept Stormfront forums, the typical Hitler-worshipping hakenkrauzers have been ever the more vehement in their outrage:

I have just seen a sneak preview of the new Robert Rodriguez film Machete , and I can honestly say that this film takes anti-White race hatred to another level. This film is not subtle. If you are a White American and this film does not anger you, then you are beyond pitiful.

Anyone still doubting Hollywood is attacking and bent on destroying us yet? Nah, you all know the score.

I don’t like to get reactionary about things, but this movie scares me. I worry, especially w/ all that’s going on in AZ, that it’s going to push a lot of Hispanics in this country to “do something”. We will see.

I agree with all of the above posts. I absolutely think this film will serve as a green light for mestizos to kill whites.

This isn’t a film, it’s a hate crime.
The jews who made it should be arrested and charged to the fullest extent with their own anti-hate crime laws for inciting racial hatred.

Of course, the fine, upstanding Herrenvolk of Stormfront would never, ever, endorse anything like that! Nuh-uh!

Oh wait…


Those motherfuckin’ Mexicans: invading a white man’s country; stealing a white man’s shtick….



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