“They’re Inhuman and Don’t Need to be Loved…”


As if Morrissey’s PC track record wasn’t sketchy enough, the fucker only goes and arouses the ire of right-on folk everywhere with this charming statement:

Did you see the thing on the news about their treatment of animals and animal welfare? Absolutely horrific. You can’t help but feel that the Chinese are a subspecies.

Call an ambulance—I think Trevor Philips just had a heart attack!

As the inevitable shitstorm rained down, I wondered whether the words of the Celtic crooner hinted at something inevitable and irreconcilable at the heart of the white Leftist weltanschauung….

Leftists generally pride themselves on their racial catholicism, adhering to the outlook that all humans are ultimately kin beneath the skin; they also pride themselves on their “Progressive” politics: feminism, gay rights, the environment, and, of course, animal rights.


However, many members of the world’s more pigmented populations—my fellow “People of Colour”—fail to gel with the “Progressive” paradigm; in fact, statistically speaking, you’ll more likely find melanites, mestizos, and Middle Easterners spouting “reactionary” rhetoric than whitefolk. Put it down to rampant religiosity, traditionalism and/or ethnic consciousness (“heteronormativity” being a vital means of promoting breeding amongst one’s breed, after all): the bottom line remains the same.

Of course, none of this implies a monopoly, seeing that more than enough whitefolk share similar sentiments. Indeed, ridiculing the idiocies and fuck-ups of Conservos—a predominantly white political cluster—seems to be a favoured Lefty pastime.




Very often, the statistical whititude of said Conservos gets latched onto by the Lefties, who then go on to conflate complexion with their pet hates.




Now where have I seen that sloppy, slapdash train of “thought” before, hmm?

Did you see the thing on the news about their treatment of animals and animal welfare? Absolutely horrific. You can’t help but feel that the Chinese are a subspecies.


Now, some may argue that a white Leftist who damns his own race differs from a Blimpite doling out similar treatment to nonwhites. I see the same cackhanded collectivism and erroneous essentialism at work with both; the former differs only by burning himself as one of his elected effigies. Before indulging in another round of malodorous moralizing, Leftists stricken with white guilt might do well to realize how little Morrissey’s Sinophobic snipes differ from their own Europhobic brand—kin beneath the skin indeed!

Come to think of it, doesn’t the Lefty tendency to give its pet groups an easier ride for committing the same “sins” as whitefolk strike you as suspect? A friend and I noted as much in a previous episode:

Mein Eschaton: While I get that we have more of a responsibility to be on the asses of our home-grown political leaders, it burns me that none of these incredibly “globally aware” individuals ever seem to have criticisms for the fundamentalists in the Middle East who torture and kill homosexuals and “scarlet” women.
So it’s only bad when a good ole’ boy does it? Not willing to speak up when it’s another culture, because you’re so fucking tolerant? Bush is monster for not mandating gay marriage, but we cast no stones for this? That hypocrisy wouldn’t bother me half so much if they didn’t constantly purport to be champions of global-issues and “citizens of the world” and what have you?

Me: The Lefty tendency to only criticize the injustices of Whitey is an interesting pathology. Do they hold back from criticizing everyone else out of respect for their cultures (which is unwitting disregard for those on the receiving end of said cultures, like our queer Iraqi friends)? Or do they criticize because they hold Whitey to a higher standard? If the latter, what then does this say about their perceptions of them-there darkies, towelheads et al, hmm?

Mein Eschaton: Leftists saying that shit are the same ones who speak as if there’s no such thing a white culture; they act like whiteness is this bland thing and all the other races are the cultural “flavor,” which of course they mean to be a compliment of sorts because it’s apparently self-abasing. All it really does is set white (specifically western) culture as the standard on which all cultures and races are “appreciated” as exotic condiments. So when whitey does something bad they feel comfortable saying something, but when anyone else does it every hippy on telegraph wants to look PC so they just change the subject and shrug it off as being culturally sensitive. peh.

It seems to me that a considerable amount of limousine Lefty “concern” amounts to “put[ting] people behind museum glass” for the sake of a few adoring ooohs ‘n’ aaahs, and a Good Guy Badge or two. Selling “salvation” is a surefire gig, after all: just hold the spotlight on your designated darkies-in-distress and you’re sorted!

But once again, what about our queer Iraqi friends: do they not also count as a “special interest group”?

As Jim Goad notes: “The most enjoyable thing about analyzing liberalism is watching it run into conflicts of interest — what do they do about black sexism? Latin homophobia? Lesbians who beat their partners? Socialist governments who murder their citizens?” Take the Proposition 8 debacle in California as a glaring example, where a significant portion of the anti-homogamy vote came from blackfolk and Latinos; or, closer to home, the threat Muslim mass immigration may pose to freedoms both the Lefties and I value.

As Keith Preston points out,

It says much about the blinkered nature of modern leftist ideology that so many on the Left cannot recognize even the existential threat posed by mass immigration to everything they supposedly cherish….Polls taken among European Muslims indicate that a majority reject assimilation into their host countries with more than a third agreeing that Islam should be the state religion of each of the European nations. Such trends are incompatible with the ultimate survival of such values as religious liberty and church/state separation, scientific and artistic freedom, a high material standard of living, freedom of political opinion, high social standing for women and sexual minorities, a humane penal system and abolition of the death penalty, tolerance of drug users and sex workers and other such things that have been partially achieved in some European nations but are barely existent in other parts of the world, often including the United States

I wonder: does Morrissey’s little outburst offer a snapshot of what could happen if the Left acknowledge that their favoured folk aren’t always as innocent, victimized and enlightened as they portray them? Would these universal uplifters react venomously, out of a sense of “betrayal” upon staring reality straight in its pockmarked face? Does the type of of white Leftist I describe here assign bigotry to his breed in order to avoid acknowledging it in himself? Like the rector who yearns to take it up the rectum, does his socially-sanctioned superego shield a malignant Morrisseyan id, itching to smash the slanty, swarthy “subspecies” into submission?

If so, so much for his esteemed “equality”! I suspect, despite declarations to the contrary, this type of Leftist fails to perceive “equality” and “diversity” in the real world; instead of accepting their black, brown, ‘n’ bronze brethren are just as capable of fuck-ups as their white selves, i.e. human, they lionize them, conferring upon them a certain sainthood by virtue of their “struggles”; as I see it, that’s only a recipe for revilement, should said brethren fail to pal up with their “progressive” Procrusteanism; add a lack of regard for the diversity within races and you get totalistic twattery like

Did you see the thing on the news about their treatment of animals and animal welfare? Absolutely horrific. You can’t help but feel that the Chinese are a subspecies.

Aaaaand, lo and behold: the exalted become the unmenschen! Concern putrefies into contempt.

Hardly progressive, at least in the sense I understand the word.

My idea of progress? Perhaps letting go of the need to be “in the right” (and, for that matter, “in the wrong”) might serve as a good springboard. Despite their assumptions of affinity based on nowt more than shared biology (a conceit also held, ironically, by racialists), I share the Lefty love for cosmopolitan camaraderie. Nevertheless, the moralism, blind ethnofetishism, and saviour-scapegoat complex prevalent amongst too many (though by no means all) of that worldview’s whitefolk just rubs me up all kindza wrong (I’ll save the identity politics of those closer to my hue for another day).

In short: fuck the piety, fuck the paternalism, and fuck the Procrusteanism! Let’s see some actual regard for equity and diversity: some progress sans the capital ‘P’….


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    thing is, that the so-called leftist “whites” are actually JEWS and thus, are NOT representative of the white race! a common misconception.

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