Fuck Foreign Aid! Pan-Abolitionism for a Better Tomorrow


A.D. 2014, and it seems obvious that the highfaluting notion of “progress” remains almost purely a technological phenomenon. Whilst the denizens of Slave Britannia cow under the yoke of political correctness and media censorship, those further south of the sphere make a sport of killing and jailing those of differing creeds and copulatory tastes. Universally, nation-states continue their eternal pursuit of bleeding the citizenry in the name of their pet schemes and shibboleths.

Still, some voices, though far from heroic, merit a mention for seeking to turn the turgid tide.

Listening to Christian radio a week or two ago (Don’t ask!), I caught word of Conservative MP Liam Fox’s proposal to nix foreign aid for countries that tolerate and/or endorse anti-Christian persecution. Gears set turning in my head, I decided to follow up this interesting news snippet with a Google search or two; it so transpires that ol’ Fox has been beating the drum against frivolous foreign aid for several years, steadily radicalising his stance with each orbit round the sun.


Here’s where he stands, as of September 2013:

Speaking at a fringe event at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, he said: “We should use our leverage to ensure that those ethics of generous British citizens who provide the money through their donations and through their taxes, are reflected in those countries whom we assist.

“We should make clear that religious tolerance and equal rights are an essential part of our culture which we insist in being replicated in the recipient nations and if they are not, then our aid policy should be re-evaluated.

“We are who and what we are, not just because of economic strength but because of what we believe.

“Our commitment to political freedom and expression, the economic freedom within a free market framework and our religiously tolerant society have shaped not only this country but many around the globe.”

The Express

Not a bad start, methinks, but I think this kernel could stand to see some growth. As much as Fox’s heart professes to bleed for the Christian dhimmis of the various Islamistans, I wonder if he feels similarly passionate about those other more secular demographics whose “equal rights” go unrecognised elsewhere in the world. How does a professedly God-fearing MP feel about his brothers and sisters in Christ disregarding the “equal rights” of homosexuals in Uganda? Will an MP who unabashedly declared “Israel’s enemies are our enemies” be so eager to stem the flow of aid toward that nation-state as a result of its own dubious record on “ethics”?

I suspect it’s not such an urgent concern.

Still, I’m sure some interested parties could take a leaf out of Fox’s book, perhaps go even further then him in regard to rhetoric. It’s not like, say, Peter Tatchell has been shy about making stark political statements in the past, what with his attempted arrest of Robert Mugabe and clashes with queer-hating Russian neo-Nazis; that sort of balls-to-the-wall mentality could go a long way towards forming an anti-foreign-aid coalition, dedicated to striking at the root of sustenance for many an overfed, overseas dictator and bureaucrat. Ideally, it’d be spearheaded by those concerned about violations of lives and liberties in foreign lands, but it’d ultimately serve as an alliance of means for a variety of disparate ends.

Apart from libertarians and humanitarians, it could have amongst its members environmentalists worried about the impact of third-world carbon emissions; members of religious, racial, gender, and sexual demographics persecuted abroad; political refugees with feelings of patriotism toward their homelands; aid organisations who sidestep extortionists and dictators in the achievement of their aims; and, of course, nationalists who deplore political enthusiasm for state-to-state charity at the expense of “their own”. Hell, let’s throw in those tax resistance folk for a strategic kick, and even a few politicos

In short, a rainbow of resolute resistance against extorted welfare for oppressive, wasteful, plutocratic regimes.

It’s an idea, at least…


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