Hold Back Nothing to Hold Back the Rain!! The Road to Selfhood Lies Paved with Candour!

What is good? – All that heightens the feeling of power, the will to power, power itself in man.

What is happiness? – The feeling that power increases – that a resistance is overcome.

– Friedrich Nietzsche

Happiness ensues from good conversation. From insightful conversation. From candid conversation.

As a result of one such conversation, a rift that threatened to destroy something sublime now finds sealing, with precarious faultlines now smoothed over, held under, by an entrenched, strengthening cement.

I feel all the better for opening up to her; it refreshes me to know nothing existed to be feared between the two of us. A key foundation in our interaction? Candour – a ruthless will to self-disclosure, to drag our respective waters and make the contents of the depths known to one another. Censorship? Rarely – if ever – a virtue in any context, and certainly no virtue belonging in a close friendship….

I think this time, I just needed a little reminder of that…..

Her? An aesthetic creator and creation, willing to rigorously examine her depths in order to rise to her heights. One of the few who helps hold back the rain – a treasured externality if ever one existed! One who, through the act of creation makes a little part of herself tangible to me – a true nakama for sure on the path of this, my evolution – her departure from my personal narrative would rate as a tragedy of the first order….

In conclusion, it pleases me to know her as one with whom I can derive happiness via interaction, via the mere fact of her existence….

Put simply, one I can call a good friend….


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2 Responses to Hold Back Nothing to Hold Back the Rain!! The Road to Selfhood Lies Paved with Candour!

  1. goodbye_doll says:

    My dear- I feel the same way.
    This brought an enormous smile to my face, and I am so very happy that we are “on the same page,” about the resealed rift, and about how much we appreciate one another.

  2. sounds beautiful!

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