Thus Spake Satan


A few reservations, with this BoP (such as the sanctification of the family unit – the unchosen – over the preciousness of one’s chosen “family”, a.k.a. friends), but otherwise very good shit indeed! Verily!


The Book of Philosophies

from The Devil’s Apocrypha by John A. De Vito

And as the night drew itself upon Cain and the Fallen Angel, Satan shared His philosophies with His disciple.

“Listen to these words, for they come from all the souls which comprise my being. The words are simple, yet they hold power. Abide by them and they shall serve thee well.”

And so Cain listened…

Do unto others as ye wish to do unto them. For this is thy right as a being of free will. Thou may treat thy neighbor good or ill, as per thy will. But remember this: He also is free to respond according to his will; and it would do thee well to temper thine action with judgment.

Thou shalt not kill out of anger, lust or evil. Yet to protect that which is important—self, family, liberty—kill swiftly and without mercy. If thou art not willing to do this, ye shall lose all that matters to thee.

Worry not of covetousness, for thoughts are free and difficult to rein. Work, rather, on restraint in thine actions.

Worship not idols, symbols, gods nor men. Worship only knowledge, freedom and thine own self.

A man may do all that he wishes to do. Yet it may not always be wise for him to do so.

Listen to the opinions of others and weigh their merits, for others may see options ye have not. Yet follow thine own heart for the final decision. If thou art not willing to do this, then take heed:Thou hast delivered thy destiny into the hands of strangers.

Truth is beauty, yet beauty is not truth. Knowledge is power, but power is not knowledge. Keep thy logic in its proper sequence.

Faith is the greatest force within this universe. With it, ye may do all that is possible, and even that which is not. Yet ye must channel this energy within thine own soul: keep faith in thy hopes,faith in thy dreams, faith in thyself.

Within thee lies the power of the gods. To gain it, strive for understanding: of the firmament, of thine earth, of others, and most importantly, of thyself.

Seek the philosophy within thy soul, for others cannot reveal it nor dictate it to thee. Neither god nor man may lead thee to thyself, for only the individual soul knows its own path.

No one may control thee or manipulate thee unless ye allow it to be. Thee and thee alone art thy destiny’s master.

Thy path in life must be thine own, let not others choose it for thee. If ye wish a chance at greatness, follow thine own path. If it should lead to misery, so be it. At least is it a misery of thine own choosing. And remember, ye may always try again.

Curse not others if thy life is disordered, for the choice of direction rests ultimately with thee. If ye must curse, then curse thine own self for allowing it. Yet this degradation serves no purpose.If thou art wrong, state it plainly, then work toward its correction.

He who giveth without purpose liveth without life. If thou art without goals, then ye shall accomplish nothing. Know what ye would like in life, then seek it out. It is that simple.

Death comes to all, bidden or unbidden. Accept this, then live as if it were untrue.

Thou shalt always have choices in life. But this does not guarantee that they shall be favorable choices, and, at times, the bes ye may do is choose the lesser evil.

Nothing is impossible. Thy limits are without limit. However, if ye do not believe this, ye shall find thou art correct.

If thou findest an inequity, ye must correct it. If thou art witnesses to injustice, ye must not stand idle. If ye come upon pain,then give relief. For if the lot of Man is to improve, the seer must be the doer.

Judge and let thyself be judged. For it is thy right as a being of free will. Yet live a goodly life so that ye may judge fairly. And,should ye be falsely judged by others, it shall matter not.

Hear the instruction of thy mother and father, for experience was their teacher. Start with these teachings, then add thine own learning, and change that which must be changed.

If thou followest the philosophy of others and add nothing of thine own, then thou art no more than a beast of the field and have wasted thy soul.

Carry not the sins of thy father with thee, for thou art thine own person and accountable only for thine own actions—not the actions of thy father, thy brother, thy tribe or thy race.

Allow thy children to live, think and feel freely, for the mother and father know not all things.

Believe in thine own self, and serve no other, for others know nothing of what is best for thee. Yet do not shut out opposing philosophies, for at times their teachings may be clearer than thine own.

There is no sin. Do that which is right for thee, for only in this shall ye find happiness. Yet remember always: thine earth is a shared space.

Let morality guide thee, but not out of fear. Rather, follow it for thine own sake.

Trust thy judgment with all thy heart. If ye can do this thing, then, truly, ye shall not be forsaken.

Believe in thine own free will. Listen to its dictates and not to the dictates of others. In this and this alone shall true happiness be found.

Blessed is he who findeth wisdom and seeketh knowledge, for these are more precious than gold; and the gain thereof shall be the immortal universe itself.

Friends are precious; keep them near. But thy family is sacred.One may treat them ill, slander them and do them evil. Yet when thy need is greatest, they shall always be with thee.

History is not a fixed thing. Although the event may remain constant, the interpretation is ever fluid. And the interpretation is all: for a grown man will look back upon a childhood act and see his guilt, where earlier he saw only vindication. Change the mind and change the past—and with it, the present and future.

Be not the hedonist, seize not the day without an eye to the morrow. Yet enjoy the flesh, for it is thy legacy.

Thou hast within thee gifts without measure and powers beyond comprehension. Ye need but use them. Take pride in thy gifts, pride in thy power, and pride in thy accomplishments.

Seek not the praise of others and heed not their condemnation—for within thee and thee alone lies the power of self-fulfillment.

Thou art neither better nor worse than thy neighbor, no matter how much more righteous or evil he may be.

Hope maketh the heart stronger, where desire unfulfilled maketh the heart ill. Hope for fulfillment and work toward its achievement.And if thy goals go unmet, ye shall still find peace, for within the journey does the true goal lie.

Error and forgiveness are the traits of humanity, fear and condemnation the traits of gods. Strive to be human; strive not to be gods.

Subjugate thyself not to God nor man, for subjugation knows no honor. Why should the Father wish His children to kneel in fear before him? Better to die free than to live as sheep.

There are those who understand reason and those who understand violence. Reason is wasted on the violent man and violence is wasted on the reasonable man. If thou wishest one to hear thee, speak in his language or speak not at all.

Ye may speak truth or deception, according to thine own free will. But to thine own self, know the difference.

If a man wrongs thee, look to thyself to see why thou hast allowed the transgression. Learn from it, then seek vindication or reconciliation, as ye see fit.

Others may lead thee to temptation, but only by thine own hand can ye partake of it. If thou later seekest to lay blame, seek thyself.

In life, some have more and some have less. Yet what matter? Peace and happiness stem from within, not without.

Do what ye will with thy life. Give freely, love freely and expect nothing. In this shall ye find true happiness, and there will be no reason for disappointment.

If thou desires an action to come about then bring it about. Ye may fail, but, then, ye may not.

There is knowledge in all things, in all actions, in all places.Learn from all things. It may come from the mouth of a child as easily as from the wisest of men. Always listen, always learn: Knowledge is all around thee.

Knowledge is a painful thing, for it always bears a price. Accept the risk and pain, for life without risk or pain is not life.

Look not to the Lord God for direction; look not to Satan. Look, instead, to thine own self.

Live each day as if it were thy last day. Yet live it also as if it were not.

If thou wishest to die, then thou art dead already.

Thou art stronger than ye can ever know, search for the strength that wells within. It is there. It is waiting. And somewhere out there,someone needs you more than you can ever imagine.

Life and hope are one. Seek thy gifts and share them. It is for this reason that thou art truly here.

If thou wishest life in death, then ye must live in life.

That which ye can touch and hold and lose is of little importance. The greatest thing in life cannot be taken.

It comes to this: by design, the Race of Man is half man and half beast. Thou art not beings of reason, but, rather, beings capable of reason. There is much difference between the two. Exercise thy capabilities.

Thou art a being of free will. Ye may follow the instincts of the beast or the reason of the man. The choice has been forever yours.Yet know this: a life ruled by the beast shall lead thee to subjugation and destruction, for it is the beast that is in thrall to the Lord God.

For everything there is a time: a time to live, a time to die;a time for peace, a time for war; a time to create and a time to destroy. Learn to tell time.

The flesh is a vessel, a conduit to the immortal. If thou learnest from thy travels, the destination is assured.

It is in thy nature to take the familiar for granted. Strive against this. Question always, question often, in this shall ye keep what is most important. The price for thine immortal soul is constant vigilance.

Seek to understand the unknown. Expand thy thoughts and seek out knowledge, for in this shall ye become as One in death.

The answers to all things are always within thy grasp. Ye carry within thee all that is needed to comprehend the infinite. And it is waiting for thee to find it.

He who knows himself knows others, for a piece of ourselves dwells within every other.

If ye have not known hate, pain, greed and cowardice then thou hast not known love, pleasure, generosity and courage—for they are all degrees of the same ideal. Accept both the good and the bad within thee, for there is no separating the two. Without one, the other has no meaning.

Until life has given thee its worst, thou hast not been at thy best.

All has been brought to bear against thee. Thine instincts were bred into thee; thy laws created for they could not be kept. Question all, for this is the path to Oneness. Heed not the beliefs, laws and actions of others unless they suit thee. And be prepared to die for this.

Fear of the Lord is the end of Knowledge and of Reason, and these two pursuits are the keys that shall free thy soul. If ye sacrifice these philosophies, then ye shall cease to grow in spirit.And there shall be no life in death.

And so it ended, for it was enough.

“Remember what has been said here,” Satan concluded. “For the salvation of the earth is contained within the simple words thou hast heard here this night.”And Satan said, “For one with no soul, Cain, ye art wiser than many.Take the life ye have been given and make it purposeful, regardless of what hast befallen thee. We are remembered for what we do and how we live: make yours a goodly remembrance.”

“I say again to thee, Cain, take what I have given thee this night. Thou art a tiller of soil: take the seeds of wisdom I have placed within thee, plant them, tend them, see that they take root.”

“Remember this always.”

And Cain did remember. Always.

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