Public spanking vs arse-kicking…

…it hardly seems like a fair contest!

And trust Simon LeBon and co. to be headhunted as the height of obscenity–haha!


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4 Responses to GO ZAPPA!!

  1. konami says:

    Novak has got being much more anarchistic over the years… was interesting to see him back then as a moderate.
    Zappa kicked ass ^_^

  2. bastardzero says:

    Look at him stick his dick up their butts!

  3. sofieloafy says:

    Gawd. John Lofton is a paleoconservative asshole. He has a theory that if you talk over people then you win the argument. And he’s still around too! Writing all kinds of terrible things in his ridiculous blog.

    • psuedoid says:

      He is the only person to hold such a theory.
      On a serious note, I wish I wasn’t using 56k so I could see Zappa say funny things that comically reveal the stupidity of his interlocutors.

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