Racist Priest vs Skater Bois……

The funny thing is that one can’t really back the obnoxious, ASBO-friendly skateteens anymore than the obnoxious, bigoted priest – they’re both breeds of cunt!


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2 Responses to Racist Priest vs Skater Bois……

  1. ubermensch says:

    i’m going to have to side with the priest on this one. they were told to leave what is clearly more his turf than theirs (even if he is an old and obnoxious piece of clitoris bacon), and, well, they werent exactly compliant about it for a while. I also wonder how “racist” the priest is, given that in context his comments sound more like he’s just grasping at any lame attempt insult he can throw at the skater kids, rather than a primary obsession with race in some manner.
    the fact that all the skaters (far as I can see) are white seems further evidence here: he’s being an ass to his “fellow” aryans rather than to some despised “barbarian tribe”

  2. MRDA says:

    One of the little skateroids looks distinctly Asian, but yeah the property angle was part of the reason why I held the teens in low regard….
    Clitoris bacon? Sounds quite appetizing in an entirely different context….

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