Prevailing thoughts after watching Transformers Live-Action again….

I really do not want Michael Bay directing the sequel.

Vain hope, I know.

At the very least they should employ me as a story consultant – I’d fix the fuck-up in the fleshling: Cybertronian ratio for starters!


– less “names” popping onto the set to play redundant, useless characters

– more Cybertronian characterisation

– better aesthetic distinction between the Decepticon charas

– less Bay slo-cam bullshit

– less Bourne-esque wobble-cam bullshit during key scenes

– less Bay “humour” involving non-Witwicky human charas

Good thing Stephen Spielberg provides considerable quality control. Some may criticize the bursts of sentiment in his works, but the man certainly possesses a handle on storytelling and evoking wonder. I wonder if he had a major hand in the Autobot arrival sequence and the Witwicky scenes.

Also, the direct and indirect digs made against America’s ideological enemies throughout the film amused me in light of the whole 300 controversy. Good to see America’s progressed from the Cold War days of the G1 cartoon – haha!


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