MRDA – Separate the Meritorious from the Mediocre!

The following activities prove therapeutically purging for me; getting a haircut, shaving, wiping all the superfluous bullshit off my MySpace profile. Back to fucking basics with it all; a fitting start, almost a month into the MRDA New Year.

Speaking of New Year commemorations, how nice of Mr and Mrs Lee to give me a 2008 calendar with my order – they must really appreciate my custom! Totally unexpected!

BAAL – hurry up and release a proper album-length album! Territory of “B.A.A.L” ranks as one of the strongest début releases I’ve heard in a while; I hold a sense of anticipation akin to that felt after listening to Otep’s Jihad EP back in 2001. Good fucking shit indeed, and thanks for the speedy delivery and signed flyer thingy! Cheers also to xenocanon for bringing them to my attention!

No appreciation and kudos, however, for the fuckers at the Advertising Standards Authority who saw fit to ban the posters for Shoot ‘Em-Up (albeit after the flick had left the cinemas).

“The prominence of the gun in one poster and the action shot and the actor’s expression in another suggested a direct aggression that could be seen to glamorise the use of guns and violence.”

Okay – hands up, those whose eyes didn’t roll out of their sockets after reading that one!

One of the better films of the year gets the moralistic muppet makeover in its promotion. Next thing you know, the bell-ends responsible will install themselves in the BBFC, excising any and every mention and depiction of firearms from more of my favourite flicks. See Rose McGowan mow down a line of rampaging mutants with invisible bullets fired from – the digitized pixel cluster on her leg! Planet Un-Terror: The “Think of the Children!!!!111!!” Edition – coming to an HMV near you, circa March! From the same weak, botched fuck-ups the gave you Manhunt 2: the Ban!

Oh, and if anyone sees Rhys Jones rising from his grave Altered Beast style in the wake of this life-restoring legislation, take a pic and gimme a bell, won’t cha?


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3 Responses to MRDA – Separate the Meritorious from the Mediocre!

  1. konami says:

    Owning a gun is illegal there, so why must it be illegal to simply show one? The government has no confidence in it’s laws.
    As per the case with almost all forms of censorship.

  2. ugh
    seriously, the poster of a movie satirizing violent action flicks gets banned??
    no one, NO ONE….has any use for context anymore it seems!
    what are they going to “shoot ’em up” with, dare i ask? heroine, smack, happiness?

  3. psuedoid says:

    God damnit I love america.

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