With a Scalpel to the State…. MRDA Resurfaces!!

There’s just too much cocksucking going on…..

….and the House of Commons, as per usual, stand amongst the main culprits, climbing up on their fucking high horses (or should that be high chairs) to bawl and brawl over plans in the scientific community to use hybrid embryos….

Okay, I’ve just read that, in their infinite magnanimity, they’ve decided to give scientists the go-ahead to work with said embryo research…..

….but all the same, why do these supposedly forward-thinking scientists take those old-fangled, overpaid, overdressed, overrated spongers seriously when they dictate the terms of the scientists’ own work to them? Oh yeah, I forget – force of arms! Silly me…..

Where the fuck do those puritanical Parliamentarians get their prejudices from? Christian metaphysics with its insistence that Man stands apart from the animal kingdom? Environmentalist ethics and their concern on preserving nature from the encroachment of man? PETA? Or just the normal garden variety of social conservatism that transcends the boundaries of party Conservatism?

Oh, for a Dr. Black Jack to shrug and bypass “controversies” such as this, cutting the Parliamentary parasite out of his body of work…..


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3 Responses to With a Scalpel to the State…. MRDA Resurfaces!!

  1. konami says:

    Mostly fear.
    I hope they get a lot of work done, and I get to be reborn as sharkman.

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