Pope Benedict Doesn’t Care About Black People!

Either that, or he cares for them a little too much – he obviously wants to give them a head-start to the pearly gates!

Reading about the Pope’s mission of mercy, hot on the heels of this show of Brazilian benevolence left me with the thought that as long as you impale heathens, heretics, homosexuals, underage boys and 9 year old girls – sans rubbers – youze iz dope with the Pope!

Seriously, the denomination should rechristen(!) itself the Rapist Refuge Remnant; it accommodates both the garden-variety and the grander-thinking, ideological types….

…and as long as the Dark Continent continues to swallow up the Rohypnol of Righteousness, I predict plenty more tears (and bruises) before bedtime…


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3 Responses to Pope Benedict Doesn’t Care About Black People!

  1. phyrbyrd says:

    He is clearly a malicious fool.
    Also, just a thought – since he travels around behind two inches of armoured glass, what does that say about his faith in his god?

  2. psuedoid says:

    This proves that either:
    1. He is an idiot who doesn’t understand the suffering that could be alleviated from the widespread use of condoms in Africa.
    2. He just doesn’t care much and loves being the Pope and would do anything to be Pope and remain Pope. Pope pope Pope. Look at my fucking popehat son!
    You could say that maybe he actually feels conflicted…that he thinks condoms would be a good idea and realistic but that it would also dilute the church, the doctrine. But that’s so incredibly selfish and absurd it just counts as #2 and maybe some #1 as well. The Church (referring to the official Vatican entity here) has to prey on people who don’t know better because it’s rotting out in the industrialized areas of the world. Think of the church as an opportunistic cult. Because it is. It’s just more socially acceptable than most cults but from the looks of it..not necessarily less harmful.

    • psuedoid says:

      Re: Contratholic
      Btw, with decisions like this…who is really more harmful: The Pope or one Bernard Madoff? The Pope or Ted Bundy? The Pope or 5000 Catholic priests? Ooh, I don’t know about that last one. Looks like we have ourselves a Hoaaarse race!

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