Looks Like I’m a Racist…

…if the following hilarious paragraph from Sean Gabb’s Cultural Revolution, Culture War carries any weight:

Nigel Farage, the leader in the European Parliament of the UK Independence Party, intervened in defence of free speech. As a comment on the arrests, he announced his intention to set light to a caravan containing effigies of Edward Heath, John Major and Tony Blair. He was immediately threatened by the police with arrest for inciting racial hatred if he went ahead—politicians seem now to have been classed as an ethnic minority.

Seriously, I’m extremely surprised those glorified leeches haven’t played the PC card  in such a manner; then again, I suppose their actions at home and abroad continue to underline their status as the original and abiding problem minority.

And, unlike the West’s more conventional ethnic minorities, they really are mostly, if not all, “like that”.

(Does that make Farage something of a “self-hater” ? Jokes!)

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to burn a cross outside the House of Commons….


Who knows? This time next year, I could get a slot on Question Time!


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