Transtopia lays the smack down on PC…


From an earlier version of the Transtopia website:

If you support PC you’re either a hypocrite, a coward, or a fool; honest, brave, and rational people can never, by definition, tolerate -let alone actively support- PC for pretty much the same reasons why they ‘must’ reject religion. Both rot the mind, destroy freedom, and mess up society. In fact, one could say that PC is the socialist/liberal crowd’s religion-subsitute; they think they’re so smart, progressive, and sophisticated compared to their (equally repulsive) bible-thumping conservative rivals, but all they’ve done is swap one insane, (self-)destructive dogma for another. Both ideologies are based on the same poisonous mix of smug self-righteousness, guilt, fear, wishful thinking, ignorance, and sanctimoniousness. Think about it…

Nothing to argue against there, though I’d personally include old-school social conservatism, and the “Right-wing” appropriation of Leftist identity politics (in the form of movements such as white nationalism), amongst the mindkillers.


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3 Responses to Transtopia lays the smack down on PC…

  1. N. says:

    “Right-wing” appropriation of Leftist identity politics (in the form of movements such as white nationalism), amongst the mindkillers.

    Could you explain this further? Are you saying that White nationalism is in the same box of a mindkillers as political correctness?

  2. Schoma says:

    Cultural lefties strike me as the Oedipal transfiguration of Abrahamic faith: the same “moral” self-loathing and self-abnegation can be seen in both the PC-brigade and the fire-and-brimstone congregation. The only difference is that the liberals killed Daddy (and, if Sweden and Iceland are anything to go by, worship Mummy now instead).

    When you read anything by the Green crowd, you realise the cultural left even have their very own eschatological cheer-squad: “The Ende of the Worlde doth approach! Swiftly now, repent thy sins and flagellate thyself!”

  3. Magslife says:

    Whilst I wouldn’t go quite as far as bracketing Right-wing religious conservatives as the same as PC Loonie Lefties, I do agree that the self-admiring posturing of the PC brigade does grate considerably. There’s nowt worse than railing against injustices, bigotry and creationism only to end up to the far extreme on the other side.

    Both in their own way place barriers towards acting in any common sense manner and remove all the freedoms offered by a little creative, out of the box thinking. Each has rules which must be obeyed or you are wrong. And neither is a good thing. Which is a shame where PC is concerned. It;s initial aims were to be admired, yet it blew it by disappearing up their own arseholes.

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