Why, It’s An Anthology of Amoral Asocialites!

So, this plopped through my letterbox on Friday, courtesy of the speedy folk at Little Black Cart. Cheers to Rex Literati at Anti-Culture for alerting me to this tome’s existence…


Currently, I’m leafing through it it a haphazard way, but I thought I’d share a pair of choice excerpts with y’all:

I have no ancestors! For me the creation of the world dates from the day of my birth; for me the end of the world will be accomplished on the day when I shall restore to the elementary mass the apparatus and the afflatus which constitute my individuality. I am the first man, I shall be the last. My history is the complete result of humanity; I know no other, I care to know no other. When I suffer, what good do I get from another’s enjoyment? When I enjoy, in what do those who suffer detract from my pleasures? Of what consequence to me is that which happened before me? How am I concerned in what will happen after me? It is not for me to serve as a sacrifice to respect for extinct generations, or as an example to posterity. I confine myself within the circle of my existence, and the only problem that I have to solve is that of my welfare. I have but one doctrine, that doctrine has but one formula, that formula has but one word: ENJOY! Sincere is he who confesses it; an imposter is he who denies it.

-Anselme Bellegarigue

Anarchy is freedom, and this most assuredly includes the freedom not to be a socialist or to live like one, and the freedom not to limit one’s identity to any social role—especially that of worker. It’s the freedom not to participate in communal activities or to share communal goals, or to pray before the idol of Solidarity. It’s freedom not only from the rule of the State but also from that of the tribe, village, commune, or production syndicate. It’s the freedom to choose one’s own path to one’s own goals, to map out one’s own campaign against Authority, and, if desired, to go it alone.

-Meme , Myself and I

From the looks of things, there’s the promise of plenty more, with scribings from such incorrigibles as S.E. Parker, James L. Walker, Renzo Novatore, and John Henry Mackay. I look forward to giving it a more thorough read…


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6 Responses to Why, It’s An Anthology of Amoral Asocialites!

  1. Schoma says:

    Ah, Renzo, my favourite of the fiery, idealistic warrior-poets of the ego. Looks like i might need to get my hands on a copy of this book, too.

  2. Schoma says:

    Oh, the irony: discussing the ego, yet not capitalizing the “I” when referring to myself…

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  5. Paul says:

    STOP PRESS! If it’s Novatore you want, get this:
    This is the UK distributor.

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