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S.E. Parker: Ragging Redbeard

Fresh from being flushed down The Memory Hole, here is Sidney E. Parker’s incisive intro to, and critique of, Ragnar Redbeard’s notorious social Darwinist magnum opus, Might is Right. ~MRDA~

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The Myth of Morality by Sidney E. Parker

Sid’s Note: A lecture given to the South Place Ethical Society on June 3 1990. A much abridged version appeared in The Ethical Record for February 1991. Morality is concerned with rightdoing and wrongdoing. Thou shalt cannot be separated from … Continue reading

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“A Union of Egoists on the Printed Page”

Via an unexpected collaboration with Chip Smith of The Hoover Hog, Enemies of Society, the individualist-anarchist digest I mentioned in a previous post, is now available through his publishing house, Nine-Banded Books—with a sales pitch scribed by Yours Truly! As an … Continue reading

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Why, It’s An Anthology of Amoral Asocialites!

So, this plopped through my letterbox on Friday, courtesy of the speedy folk at Little Black Cart. Cheers to Rex Literati at Anti-Culture for alerting me to this tome’s existence… Currently, I’m leafing through it it a haphazard way, but … Continue reading

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Race and Ego, by Sidney E. Parker

Yup, it’s another repaste from the Non Serviam vault.  Sid Parker makes a decent delineation between racial realism (descriptive) and racialism (prescriptive), pitting egoism (successfully, in my view) against the latter. ~MRDA~ Race and Ego by Sidney E. Parker In … Continue reading

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