A Board of Ruptured Anuses


Over the past year, I’ve become aware of something of a “fanbase” on the Something Awful forums. Back in December, I read this measured (and now-unlinkable) dialogue over my ‘Sex and the Shibboleth’ post

Okay my next big post is going to be a review of his poo poo because I loving *loathe* this shitstain.

Are you going to be posting that destruction of MRDA’s blog entry any time soon? I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep comfortably tonight unless I see that abomination in pieces on the kitchen floor.

I loving can’t tonight, I’m still too angry from the surprise sex megapost. I honestly felt sickened and nauseous by his blog– the guy is talking about how feminists are dumb and surprise sex just happens because men are honey [sic] while posting graphic surprise sex porn as a joke, “hilarious” demotivotional posters about gang surprise sex, and calling surprise sex victims “stinkyhole,” “lezzers,” and “slabs of meat.” I do not have the loving energy.

And today, another pageview-surge (Cheers, goons!) brought a critique of both that and my paedomania piece to my attention…

This is the blog of one of the worst tropers that ever existed: MRDA 1980-something. This is a guy who laughs at surprise sex victims, apologizes for paedophiles, and advocates violent misogyny. And it’s all written in such a smug, hosed up way that you just want to strangle the guy.

See for youself [sic] if you’re feeling masochistic enough.

Both sets of comments provided me with 1) laughter and 2) evidence that, when it comes to teaching reading comprehension, American state education proves an abject failure.

Score one for the homeschoolers!

This one also gave me a chuckle…

I’m just looking at the links to the right and holy poo poo what a trying-hard-to-be-edgy nietzschean wannabe that fucker is. Anarcho-capitalist, nihilist, antitheist, racial realist, misanthropic, anti-moralist, this is just reeking of gently caress you dad/mom/everyone.

Funny, I always thought it smelt of following where my mind goes—silly me! Besides, if I’m supposedly “trying-hard-to-be-edgy”, I’m certainly succeeding, judging by the anal ruptures suffered by my aforementioned critics.


The real rib-tickler is that these goons resemble precisely the kind of snap-reactive herd animals I criticized in ‘Touch of The Paedophile!’…

…I often despair of the way adult minds melt to mush upon contact with—or mention of—kids. If it ain’t a nonce trying to molest a friendly child, it’s a “concerned” parent, politico, or paper trying to molest the rest of the world into child-friendliness; moral panics like this make me think the two have more in common than the latter would care to admit.

For all their cries of “misogyny” (a word which, nine times out of ten, is tossed around as casually and carelessly as confetti), I’m sure these fuckers would’ve been tightening the nooses at Salem with the worst of ‘em…


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  1. Aurini says:

    Haha, Something Awful thinks you’re nihilistic! It (and reddit) the dumbed down versions of /b/. “I like the gore pics, but not the scary politics.”

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