Feminumpties: Thinking with Their Ovaries Once Again….

More fucking feminumptiness on the panel of today’s Wright Stuff, with gynotard panellists, once again, offering up apologias for mendacious mums who dupe blokes into raising kids not of their loins. Anne Diamond indulged in her usual, emotionally manipulative, “think of the children” song ‘n’ dance; today however, she found herself well and truly outdone by Jenny Colgan who queefed out something along the lines of “Throughout history, women have had to do what they’ve had to do to raise their offspring.”

Well, that’s all right then, innit? Carry on duping, ladies!


I’m hoping that they call Colgan back for a panel where one of the topics happens to be rape; I can only imagine how Miss (or should that Ms) Chick Lit would react if an androtard panellist, or caller, came out with “Hey, blokes have to do something to pass on their genes, right—just make sure you don’t get caught, lads!”



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