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Max Stirner Contra Humanism and Nationalism

A favourite excerpt of mine from my favourite philosophical tome, The Ego and Its Own. Kinda supports my observation of nationalism and the ilk being humanism writ small (and, conversely, humanism being an expanded nationalism, both assuming an intrinsic worth … Continue reading

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Race and Ego, by Sidney E. Parker

Yup, it’s another repaste from the Non Serviam vault.  Sid Parker makes a decent delineation between racial realism (descriptive) and racialism (prescriptive), pitting egoism (successfully, in my view) against the latter. ~MRDA~ Race and Ego by Sidney E. Parker In … Continue reading

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Queer Man’s Burden

I met with the sight of this letter whilst browsing through last Wednesday’s Metro: My, my! Where do I fucking start? Curtis’ letter unwittingly illustrates the type of mentality that places The Cause TM far above and beyond the people … Continue reading

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MRDA or Self-Defence? Dancing on the Edge of the Knife…

This all-too-rare slither of sense caught my attention, a week or two back: A Conservative election pledge that anyone caught carrying a knife could expect a jail term will not be implemented… Justice Secretary Ken Clarke said he would put … Continue reading

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